openSUSE Board Election 2011 results

17. Dec 2011 | Izabel Valverde | No License

The openSUSE Election Officials is pleased to announce the 5th openSUSE Board e__l__ected by openSUSE community.

The new board members are Pascal Bleser, Will Stephenson and_** Andrew Wafaa**_.

We would like to congratulate all Board Members and wish them all the best. We would also like to thank all candidates for their time to run for openSUSE board. We’re really proud to have so many good candidates.

The votes are as follows:

Pascal Bleser (172 votes) - 79%

Will Stephenson (104 votes) - 48%

Andrew Wafaa (90 votes) - 41%

Pavol Rusnak (81 votes) - 37%

Manu Gupta (60 votes) - 28%

Richard Brown (43 votes) - 20%

Marcus Moeller (42 votes) - 19%

Chuck Payne (16 votes) - 7%

A total of 218 members participated in the poll. Voters had the option to vote for 3 candidates.

Thanks Bryen Yunashko, Rupert Horstkotter and Pavol Rusnak for the great time served in the Board.

The official results can be found at //

Thank all voters for taking the time to vote. Thanks to the openSUSE Election Officials.

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