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5. Jan 2012 | Andreas Jaeger | No License

After the openSUSE 2011 Conference, we run a survey to gather feedback so that we can improve for the next conference. The overall feedback was very positive. Thanks a lot to the 134 people that participated in the survey!

Here’s a summary of the answers with some things pointed out. For the full results, download this  spreadsheet.

1) Based on this years conference experience are you expecting to participate in the next openSUSE conference?

They(we) will come back :D (96% yes)

2) Want to be updated about the next openSUSE conference? Give your mail address! We won’t spam you…

Most of people don’t want to be spamed :D (a third left their email address)

3) What other openSUSE confs did you attend?

The participation is increasing every year. Almost doubled from 2010 to 2011.

4) Are you a…

We missed “not related to openSUSE or SUSE” question. Most are users of openSUSE and more than half of the participants were contributors to openSUSE.

5) What’s most important for you at the openSUSE Conference?

Primary priority - interaction - talking with others and getting to know the openSUSE community

Second - education - attending workshops, hearing about new technology and learning

In the end it was all about meet others!

6) What did you like at this years conference? What should we do again?

Almost 1/3 skipped the question!

Location/Venue positive thoughts

BOF positive thoughts

Organization positive thoughts

7) What should we do different next year? Where can we improve?

Schedule improvement – highlights, better description, separated tracks from SUSE, Low level/beginners talk needed, Labs improve the quality, Better preparation/presentation by the talker, Talks from SUSE Management

Acoustic – main hall noisy

Name tags / IRC Nicks on badges

Invite local universities

better toilets

better snacks/soda options

**8) How would you rate the overall offering of the sessions? **

Most of Answer options considered Good

9) How did you like the length of the conference (4 days)?

Just right – 76,2 % (122 answers)

**10) Please tell us about your experience with the openSUSE community with saying whether you dis/agree with the following statements: **

Most of people agree or fully agree with “It was a great opportunity to meet new people” and “I felt very welcome”. However the comment “The community is a clique” has many agreeing with it! Maybe the option/question wasn’t very clear.

**11) Do you think it was beneficial to openSUSE to have the SUSE Labs conference at the same time/place? **

Yes – 89% (118 answers)

**12) Did you get an opportunity to meet some of the SUSE Labs hackers? **

Yes – 72% (118 answers)

**13) Would you have liked a more formal opportunity to meet SUSE Labs? **

No – 54,5%

Yes - 45,5%

Seemed averaged (112 answers)

14) If you’re part of SUSE Labs: Do you think it was beneficial for the SUSE Labs to have the conference together with the openSUSE Conference?

Yes – 61,3% (31 answers)

Most general comment – SUSE Labs people didn’t organize themselves properly

15) Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

2 calls about SUSE Linux Enterprise presentations

Better advertise mentioned twice

The rest: thanks/great conference/hope for 2012oSC

Thanks to Izabel Valverde for analyzing the results. The full results with all answers are available as spreadsheet.

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