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build.opensuse.org binary backend was down

January 14th, 2012 by

Working to fix the problem...

The SAN array of the backend server server lost 3 hard disks over the weekend.

That means the array with the built RPMs was broken. We checked and replaced a lot of files from backups – but since not all binary parts of the projects are in backup we need to rebuild some of them (31 from 24,194) afterwards.

The good news: sources and project configurations were affected by this.

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7 Responses to “build.opensuse.org binary backend was down”

  1. “This will take time until Monday, 2011-01-16.”, looks like that should be 2012 there.

  2. Yuri

    There are no updates until 1.16. i’m right?

  3. Daniel

    Since recovery, there are some problems of digest keys (see below).
    Safe to answer yes or not?

    Digest verification failed for python-dateutil-1.5-16.1.noarch.rpm. Expected 233eccb2795b89f2fd849a8c16575479e155eefe008e7951344e9a0b86e731fc, found e443a05717bf2f1967eb6e301f2106f8edfbd6c3f42890e9ea8e693eab99f8d1

  4. cjk

    “Good news: source were affected by this” – not good :)

  5. Ben

    Some mirrors need cleaning up now….some are reliable, some aren’t… I’ve found one in AU that’s not and notified them, but should be up to openSUSE to validate mirror content after their SAN issue.