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Continue the openSUSE Weekly News

February 24th, 2012 by

After three years of hard work the chairman of the openSUSE Weekly News team, Sascha Manns has given up his chair. We have recieved many questions about the future of the Weekly News so we thought to write a little bit about this topic.

Why we need the openSUSE Weekly News?
The Weekly News team published it’s first issue in November 2007. The goal of the team is to reflect what happened in the last week inside and around the openSUSE project, as no one can read all the articles about every topic. So the team collects and organizes news in a collaboratively way.

Why do we need a chairman?

The hard truth is that we need someone who wants to invest a lot of time. You have to collect and read a lot of RSS feeds, tweets, facebook and Google+ posts and decide which is important for the readers. It’s also good to be online in IRC and IMs, so people can point you to intersting news. Every week you have to “freeze” the weekly news draft, give it a proofreading session and publish it. There are also others tasks such as posting a weekly reminder mail to some mailing lists,  publishing a post here on news etc. All in all it’s a lot of work that needs coordination.

What are the technical details of producing the Weekly News?

Sascha used docbook/xml to produce the Weekly News. The docbook language is used to describe content and can provide many output formats like epub, pdf or HTML. In the past we also had local teams who translated the newsletter into other languages. And we’re hoping that we can have it again. A challenge here is that most content in the original Weekly News comes from sources in English, so one of the important things for local teams is to collect and prepare links to content in their own language. It’s not merely a translation job.


How can you help?

If you are interested to produce the Weekly News send an e-mail to: opensuse-marketing@opensuse.org

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5 Responses to “Continue the openSUSE Weekly News”

  1. Peter Andreasen

    I don’t care much if it’s in Wiki or Docbook, but I really miss the weekly update about important stuff in the land of openSUSE.

  2. Hello!
    I have translated this article into spanish in my blog to spread the world the notice.
    Here the link:
    I also have made a post in spanish forum: forosuse.org

    I think it’s an interenting poject and it can’t stop. The show must go on!! ;)

    Good work Sascha, and good luck (and take a rest after 3 years!)

    PS: Sorry for my english!

  3. MortenB

    Why cant You just make an rss feed from a whats new page and just distribute stuff that is newer than a week. This should not be so much work.

  4. Adenozinas

    Great news, that things are starting to roll for weekly news. I find weekly news very useful for my linux experience and entertaining as well! thumbs up for it!

  5. RArnold

    I’m glad to hear weekly new will return. I’ve always thought it unfortunate that openSUSE does not put out a weekly for the Linux public. It’s a great distro and should be promoted. In its absence, I’ve turned to OMG!Ubuntu! and WebUpd8 to see what’s happening with the Ubuntu disto and all the very interesting new releases and builds going on with software, theming, other distros, and new builds from the ppas. You see Ubuntu related ads now and innovations being talked about. Where’s openSUSE??? I’m cheering you on!