Heinlein Support Becomes openSUSE Project Sponsor

18. Apr 2012 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

Logo_heinlein-professional-linux-supportThe openSUSE community is proud to welcome Heinlein Support as new sponsor to the project! Heinlein is a Linux specialist offering training, consulting and hosting focused on the German market and will help us with our mail infrastructure.

Introducing Heinlein

Heinlein Support has specialized in Linux servers and e-mail services for over 20 years. They share their knowledge and their experience at the Heinlein Academy, during personal consultations, through their hosting services, and through their appliance and software products.

Peer Heinlein said:

After working with SUSE technologies since 1994, we're very happy to have a chance to contribute something back to the openSUSE Community. For our customers, the (open)SUSE-platform has always been a very reliable distribution for business and enterprise use cases.

Supporting openSUSE

We are happy to announce that Heinlein Support is sponsoring the openSUSE project by providing infrastructure to run the project.

Henne Vogelsang told us:

I believe Peer and his crew will help us to take our mail infrastructure to the next level and I'm happy that we have the opportunity to work together with them. I mean that guy wrote a book about postfix and has tons of hands-on experience with mail infrastructure, how awesome is that?

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