Grab the Geeko by the Horns: The Boosters are Hiring

20. Apr 2012 | Henne Vogelsang | No License

SUSE, our founder, partner and sponsor, has put out a couple of job openings for the openSUSE Boosters Team! Are you a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) enthusiast? Are you quick on your feet, a talented technologist? Are you hungry to learn new things and equally passionate about sharing your knowledge with your peers? Are you looking to turn what you love into your job? Then head over to, send in your resume and score the opportunity of a lifetime!

The Boosters Team

The openSUSE Boosters, widely known as the Ecstatic Eleven, is a team of people helping contributors to take off in our project. No matter if an ambassador needs help with organizing an event, an admin needs assistance with implementing a new service, or a developer needs guidance to bring his code into our distribution: the Boosters are here to work with all contributors to reach their goals and to enable them to bring this project forward. But the Boosters are not a bunch of lone fighters; the team always works together, in an agile fashion, on its milestones and every member is equally important and responsible for the success - and of course for celebrating it. It is a team of young, clever, spirited people from different backgrounds, countries and talents that want to collaborate. A team that wants to make a difference in this world by helping each other and our project to become even more awesome.

+ You

As you can imagine the Boosters goal requires people who are willing to explore the vast possibilities a FOSS project like ours offers. Boosters are as comfortable in front of an huge audience on a conference as behind an editor in a GIT repository. As the possibilities to contribute to openSUSE are endless a Booster must be agile, open minded and willing to take on tasks that require to learn completely new things. Be it a programming language, an application framework, how to give an interview to the press or what questions to ask in a questionnaire survey. Boosters are not afraid of anything and there is nothing they are not willing to do to attract and nurture contributors.

= Love?

Does that sound like it’s your thing? If yes, you will find a tight-knit team here that lives and breathes collaboration. A gang of FOSS aficionados that share your passion, hard workers and a wild bunch to have a lot of fun with. And equally important you’ll start with an employer that will bring your FOSS career forward: SUSE, which has been around for 20 years and is the original provider of the enterprise Linux distribution that powers thousands of organizations around the world across physical, virtual and cloud environments. A company that has been a leader and an active participant for years in tons of open source projects and open standards. Sounds great? It’s awesome, guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to, check out the position and apply. We’re looking forward to hear from you!

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