openSUSE and GSOC 2012: Good to Go!

26. Apr 2012 | News Team | No License

GSOC Geeko 2012 Google published the list of 12 students proposals that have been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2012 for openSUSE. It means that 12 students will be able to work full-time on changing the world this summer!

51 proposals, 12 students accepted

Big thanks to every student who dedicated their time thinking up and writing awesome proposals: we received a total of 51 proposals! This year Google allocated 12 students slots to openSUSE. This means we had a very hard time deciding! What projects will benefit openSUSE most, what will teach the student most? Do we mentor new students or give people already familiar with openSUSE a chance to dedicate some real time? There are practical considerations too. We don’t have mentors for all projects, or multiple students per mentor. Some mentors can only mentor in the evening, others only during the day - we have to watch time zones too.

But we’ve managed to extract 12 proposals out of the brilliance thrown at us and these students now will have to geeko up for their awesome summer job!

Selected projects

* **Adding an Ambassador/Event plugin to openSUSE Connect** -  Athanasios-Ilias Rousinopoulos will be adding event calendering to openSUSE connect, to make it easier to plan openSUSE events.

* **Writing a better looking 1-Click Install client** -  Saurabh Sood will be working on replacing the existing YAST-based 1-click installer with something much nicer looking.

* ** Completing AppStream/Software-Center support for openSUSE -**  Matthias Klumpp will be working on [Appstream](//

* **Improving the MongoDB destination driver for syslog-ng** -  Eun Kyung will be enhancing syslog-ng's Mongo support.

* **Fixing/implementing automated kernel/glibc tests - ** Marios Makris will be improving [Linux Test Project](// coverage.

* **openSUSE Karma plugin for openSUSE Connect** -Priyanka Menghani will add a "karma" plugin to openSUSE Connect, similar to the "reputation" score on StackExchange.

* **Further work on the osc2 client** -  Marcus Hüwe is going to continue his existing work on the next-generation osc client for the Open Build Service.

* **Popularity contest for RPM (popcorn) -** Akshit Khurana will be working on [popcorn](//, which will be optionally installed on openSUSE systems and provide us with statistics about which packages are popular.

* **Redesigning fdisk to be more extensible and implement GPT support -**Davidlohr Bueso will be cleaning up and refactoring everyone's favorite disk utility, fdisk.

* **Scanny, a security scanner for Ruby code -** Piotr Niełacny will be be working on [scanny](, a tool designed to alert developers to security errors in their Ruby code.

* **An upstream/downstream tracker -**  N.B.Prashanth will write an "upstream/downstream" tracker tool that will track the differences between upstream versions and distro packages.

* **Writable snapshot support for ext4 snapshots - ** Yongqiang Yang will extend ext4 to support writeable snapshots.

The next steps

Now it is time to get in touch with your community, start speaking to people around you, discuss your ideas, read documentation, code and have loads of fun!

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