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Downtime of parts of build.opensuse.org on 2012-05-23

May 23rd, 2012 by

Failed geeko
The storage backend of the openSUSE Build Service at build.opensuse.org is causing again problems. Server side builds will not be enabled for now. The outage will be for at least today.

Access to api.o.o and the website build.opensuse.org are possible, so source modifications and local builds, e.g. via the command line client osc, are working. Just builds on the server will not happen.

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4 Responses to “Downtime of parts of build.opensuse.org on 2012-05-23”

  1. Eliasse Diaite

    Hi gentleman,

    This is a good idea since some repositories of OBS are not getting automatically updated even though new builds took place. For instance the KDE release branch does not show under YaST package management the newest builds although they still exist in the repository.

    I hope that the development team is considering to fix the problems with the storage back-end once for ever in order to have a stable and reliable build infrastructure.

    Thanks of lot for your effort in keeping our beloved distro alive. Have a lot of fun.

    openSUSE is unbreakable.

  2. Joseph

    Poor dead lizard….

  3. Petri

    Is this also reason why download.opensuse.org is down?

  4. Andreas Jaeger

    Petri, download.opensuse.org is up (just checked). If it would be down, it would be a different reason ;)