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openSUSE 12.2 Beta 1 available for testing

June 6th, 2012 by

After a few delayed milestones, the fourth even got canceled – there has been quite a number of disruptive changes in our Factory development distribution, but we’re starting to settle down and announce the availability of Beta 1 today!

A large number of major changes has finally landed: GCC 4.7, Grub2 (status update), the new LibreOffice and much more.

New things

On the graphical side this milestone now features gimp 2.8 (with single window option) and the latest updates to GNOME and KDE packages (including Qt 4.8.1 and KDE SC 4.8.3, GNOME 3.4.2). Heavy work has been going on in the area of bringing Xorg 12.1 and split-up Xorg packages to Factory. Moving from there, the new graphical stack combined with the new compiler tools (llvm, GCC 4.7) and the new Mesa can bring cool new stuff: llvmpipe bringing gnome-shell to non-accelerated systems and the svga gallium driver featuring 3D support to VMware VMs. We have switched from the old bootsplash to the modern Plymouth with our own plymouth openSUSE theme.

Get it

Download it from software.opensuse.org/developer. As usual, a list of the most annoying bugs is being maintained and you can see the list of bugs and/or file a new one in Bugzilla. Read on for some details on the release and how to help!

The roadmap aims the first release candidate for June 14.

Factory development

openSUSE, as you might know, is being developed in Factory. Factory is a project on the openSUSE Build Service against which you can build a package. If it works fine, you can submit it to Factory and keep it working there.

List of build failures in Factory

List of failures in Factory - help get rid of them!

Help out!

Of course you’re wondering how you can help. This can start with testing. Go to software.opensuse.org/developer, download the beta and try it out on your system! You can then check the
most annoying bugs to see if your problems are there, if not, you can see the list of bugs and/or file a new one in Bugzilla. If the bug you find is very serious, add it tho the list of annoying bugs! Also, note that various segfaults related to zypper, yast, apper and other packagemanagement tools have already been filed and they are being solved.

If you are a packager (or want to be one!) there is of course also plenty to do. Fixing bugs in packages is a nice way of learning the ways of packaging (see the Packaging portal for documentation). You can read about how to do this here, via a simple set of steps which in openSUSE are commonly known as ‘BURP-ing’.

openSUSE Factory workflow

Factory Workflow

If you’re already a packager for openSUSE, don’t forget to get your packages in Factory or start to maintain one!


We’d like to thank everyone working on openSUSE for being so cool. Special hugs to the top-ten factory contributors since Milestone 3 (according to some scripting by Guido and AJ):

  • Vincent Untz
  • Guido Berhörster
  • Dirk Mueller
  • Marcus Schäfer
  • Dominique Leuenberger
  • Michael Andres
  • Robert Milasan
  • Steffen Winterfeldt
  • Wolfgang Rosenauer
  • Andreas Jaeger

Note that the list above doesn’t credit the hard work being done by the Packman team or people building packages outside of factory!

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15 Responses to “openSUSE 12.2 Beta 1 available for testing”

  1. Hi!

    I did my work spreading to the world few days ago! For spanish speakers!

    Thank’s to all staff!

  2. Anonymous

    Seems, that Roadmap needs an update:
    (»Thursday, 24 May 2012: openSUSE 12.2 Beta (delayed)«)

  3. Föredrar Fönster

    What kernel? 3.4? 3.5? 3.2?

  4. Anonymous

    Cool stuff indeed (gcc 4.7, etc.)! KDE’s stability ist worrysome as usual – even with screen effects disabled. Just wondering if a “KDE Lite” could do the trick ….

  5. “Heavy work has been going on in the area of bringing Xorg 12.1 and split-up Xorg packages to Factory.”

    Did the full x.organisations 7.7 (katamari) package make the cut?

  6. Philip, SAKC allows you to install any kernel version, even hot off of the presses from kernel.org. Most often, kernel.org is days ahead of kernel/head for ALL versions and you can always get the latest stable version.

    I also have a script to fetch any kernel version, clear back to 2005 you can find below. If you find the latest version in kernel/head is not working, you can drop back to any version that has been released:


    And here is one about Grub2, a new feature of openSUSE 12.2


    And I have many other bash scripts you might find useful such as these for nVIDIA driver users:



    Thank You,

  7. Hi Guys ,Gr8 work on SUSE 12.1 …downloading the 12.2 testing version today …thanks..

    I have observed that there are some options which needs to be done in SUSE upcoming version…..if you thing those are possible…like

    1-connectivity —SUSE should be able to connect any phone via cable /Bluetooth and after connect ,internet should work ..as i have face the problem after connecting my phone with SUSE.
    2-open for Microsoft software’s …like if suppose we want to install any windows software than that should be install like windows …if you implement this option than it is sure that SUSE upcoming version could beat the Microsoft boundaries ……

    Thanks ,,,,,,,
    Anubhav Verma

    • Hi Anubhav Verma,

      In terms of connectivity, it currently heavily depends on the hardware combination of phone and desktop/laptop. Often, things work reasonably well but there are combinations which don’t work yet. This heavily depends on the Linux Kernel hardware support and other than shipping the latest kernel there is not much we can do. Hardware vendors have to ensure their system is supported by Linux. Many do, some do not.

      About Microsoft software, I recommend you install ‘wine’. Wine allows you to run a wide range of Windows software on Linux. See http://winehq.org for more information.

  8. kiv

    What about the bug of kMail where using filters users receive hunderds of copies of one and the same E-mail?
    This is the most annoing bug I have found since years.
    Some one menitioned it is solved in KDE 4.8.3 after amost of 1 year.
    Can we expect this solution will be finally back ported to OpenSUSE 12.1?

  9. Konrad


    there would be great to got system recovery point, as it was started in windows 2000.
    If the new brfts would be the solution? Why not as easy as in windows?


  10. Dr Tony Young

    Hi……I would be delighted if KMail finally worked properly and easily. In openSUSE 11.4 it (KMail ver 4.4) is easy to set up and is very stable. I have worked on KMail in openSUSE 12.1 and so far, confusion, difficulty, and simply will NOT work.

    Please go back to a simple version of KMail for those who need it.

  11. Dr Tony Young

    Update to my comment on KMail above.

    Hi…..I should perhaps have asked the question: Has KMail been worked on in KDE4.8.3 so that it actually does work again ?

    To be more precise, I found the process of setting up accounts to be overcomplex and extremely difficult to follow given there are now TWO apparent items in the incoming settings. As an example, setting the local domain is an absurdity and in the past it was automatically your own email address. And you have NO idea that setting this domain is now a crucial item for sending emails.

    KWallet is an abomination. In the past, all I needed to do was say I didn’t want to use it, put in a password in the user account settings for inwards mail and that was that……So far, I can send a test email, but I cannot receive an email, and KWallet pops up again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again…….and seems to do nothing.

    Please, please tell me KMail has been re-worked. This is not a “come-on”..I’m deadly serious. I have used KMail for the past 10 years – I love it; but I detest what it has now been formed into.

    Kind regards

    Dr Tony Young

  12. Makin

    Is there anyone writing a book on OpenSuse 12.2 ?