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19. Jun 2012 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

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The openSUSE Summit team has decided to delay the CfP end date which was last week. The CFP will now be extended to June 30th. With SUSECon just having started their CfP the team felt it would be good to sync things a bit. Meanwhile, a number of sessions in the program are already determined and we’ll tell you more about it if you read on!

Want to be on stage in Orlando?

As a reminder, our Call for Papers is bi-lingual. We welcome session proposals in both Spanish and English and on a variety of subjects. Our main tracks will be:

* **openSUSE Community** with subjects like governance, ambassadorship and getting involved

* **openSUSE Tech** with subjects like the Factory development model, git usage, development, Packaging and the Open Build Service

* **open World** with a variety of subjects including cross-project collaboration, core Linux development, Open Hardware hacking and more

Click to submit your paper! And of course - don’t forget the fun we’ll have to have there. Anything crazy is welcome!

Send in your proposal before June 30th please!

And what company will you be in?

Currently, we already have a number of sessions planned. Of course, there’ll be workshops on packaging (both at beginner and expert level) and introductions from a number of well known FOSS communities like GNOME and KDE. But there is more:Thundering herd of...

* **the openSUSE Deployment Panel** where visitors can ask questions from a panel of experts who are overseeing some larger openSUSE deployments (featuring, among others, a city in Florida and a VOIP company)

* The Friday-nigh Poolsidet Party - will happen at the pool and thus be in a summery atmosphere.  Both SUSECon and openSUSE Summit attendees are  invited to this fun (and!) event.

In other news…

For the first fifty people who register to attend, we promise a gift. Well, one of the pictures in this article will give you a hint as to what you can expect.   But that’s not all.  While the Summit is free, we also offer a Supporter registration for a mere $50.  Show your support for openSUSE and get an exclusive gift.

And again, for those who register in time, you will gain free admission to the last day of SUSECon on September 21.

Last but not least, we’d like to let you know that the openSUSE Travel Support Team is ready for applications for the openSUSE Summit. So if you’re involved in openSUSE and want to visit the Summit, send a travel support request to the team. There’s a budget available for travel and while it’s not unlimited it is there to help those who can’t afford the trip themselves. Go to this page to learn more and apply. RegisterToday Note that the travel team follows priorities when deciding in case of a tight budget. Speakers and active community members are more likely to receive support in that case.

But that’s not all!

And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, there’s more news coming soon!  We’ll be announcing our keynote speaker and our plans for the big Saturday night gala.

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