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openSUSE Edu Li-f-e 12.2 out now!

September 14th, 2012 by

openSUSE-Education li-f-e logoopenSUSE Education team once again presents Li-f-e (Linux for Education) built on hot new openSUSE 12.2 including all the post release updates. As always this edition of Li-f-e comes bundled with a lot of softwares useful for students, teachers, as well as IT admins of educational institutions. Apart from stable versions of KDE and Gnome, Cinnamon is also available. Sugar desktop suite makes a comeback thanks to the work of Xin Wang packaging it. Li-f-e also give full multimedia experience right out of the box without having to install anything extra. The live installable DVD iso stands at 3.3G as an incredible array of softwares from open source world are available on it, we have not just bundled them in, but have tried to integrate it with the distribution to give everything a seamless feel.

KIWI-LTSP brings Li-f-e a very easy to setup LTSP server for PXE booting thin-clients/PC/laptop over the network with many new features and improvements. It can be deployed at schools, homes or even offices. Epoptes lab administration tool makes its debut replacing italc, epoptes allows control of every aspect of the clients, such as: lock/unlock screen, full remote control, messaging, broadcasting display, reboot/shutdown etc.


DVD boot screen   Bootmenu openSUSE-Education   Splash screen openSUSE-Education

Sugar Windowmanager   Li-f-e applications   Multimedia applications

Get it from here: Direct Download | Torrents | Metalinks | md5sum

As this edition is based on openSUSE 12.2, all the official 12.2 updates, repositories from build service and packman can be used to install additional softwares and keep it up to date.

Minimum hardware requirement is 1GB of RAM and 15GB free disk space. Installation from USB stick will take about 40 minutes to complete, from a DVD it takes much longer. Check this howto for creating live USB stick on vfat partition or other GUI and terminal ways.

Here is the sampling of some of the softwares available on the iso.  Complete list of packages with versions here.

Have a lot of fun…
Your openSUSE Education Team

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15 Responses to “openSUSE Edu Li-f-e 12.2 out now!”

  1. Hi

    Making noise of the release in my blog:


    Thank’s for your work !!

  2. I forguet!! In spanish!!

  3. Good one opensuse team, go strong!!!

    Btw, 12.2 release is super!

  4. Bruce

    Where is the 64-bit version? How many people are not running 64-bit CPU’s at this point?

    • Karlos

      My school lab has 12 P4@1600 RivaTNT 512MB RAM & 1 server P4@1700 1GB. Not everyone can change PC every 5 years.

    • This version will run on x86_64bit CPUs, if you have more than 4G of RAM you can install kernel-pae to make full use of it.

  5. dd

    we are today in 2012 and a 64 bit edition is more then normal. to install pae is not the solution!

  6. Conde Mor

    I agree with DD. Having thin clients x64 based proccesors is a fact nowadays.

    • Benjamin Bach

      No it isn’t. Many schools cannot afford to upgrade their hardware. I’m working with computer access to thousands of students in Africa, and to be honest, I feel quite disgusted by remarks from people just wanna shut down their software access to suit their own fancy new hardware.

      • pixelperson

        So then tell us; or tell the software developer community – how long do you want to hang on to 7 year-old computers? 5 more years? 10?

        Please provide a specific date/year that you would be willing to invest in the needed tools for your school.

        • Rajib Aditya

          Sometimes it is a compulsion. Perhaps you are not reading what he is saying. Not everyone is privileged as you are. In fact you may be surprised that most of the world is not. He will have to stick to 486 DX2 machines till the smoke comes out of them. And then perhaps he will need to buy used pentiums. Yes, that CAN be the reality in many places across the same planet that we all live in.

  7. To get 64bit edition see FAQ here:


    If there are enough users interested do get together and create 64bit edition and share with everyone, groundwork is already done all it needs is someone dedicated to take it forward.

  8. Horrace Foster

    Thank you for your work and dedication, I agree with your decision create this for 32 bit right now, not everys school system are running 64bit. Because they cant afford it. I know of schools in my district who have over fivew year old equipment. This will also be a boon for some the church sunday school teachers, Me for one. So thank you once again.

  9. Ellis Booker

    I’m looking to do a brief interview (can be done via email) with an educator or IT person using li-f-e for a post I’m writing at educationalit.com. Basically, I’d like to know how you’ve been using the distro, what you’re looking forward to in the new release, and, finally, why you picked openSUSE over, say, Edubuntu. Here’s my email: ellisbooker@gmail.com

  10. A little video about it: