openSUSE Conference 2012 – Invitation to Lightning Talks and Speedy Geeko

2. Oct 2012 | Izabel Valverde | No License

The openSUSE Conference in Prague is about to happen and we know that all of you are really excited about it. One more year with great talks and workshops and the warmth of the openSUSE Community around. Being there is really awesome and being a part of it is really great. Since having fun has no limits for us we feel the need to ask you the following:

Kostas Speedy Geeko

  • Did you wanted to submit a talk and you were late?

  • Do you feel like talking about something that has to do with openSUSE?

  • Do you feel like talking about something that has nothing to do with the openSUSE?

  • Do you feel the need to have an on-stage group-hug with Izabel and Kostas?

  • Can you do all that in 2 to max 5 minutes?

If yes is the answer to at least the last and one other of those questions, here is your chance to make it happen.

This year, on oSC we bring one more time the openSUSE lightning talks and the Speedy Geeko and we encourage everyone to come and be a part of it.

Lightning Talks

After many people submitted talks a bit late to fit on the regular conference Schedule or weren’t sure if they wanted to submit a whole talk in order to present something related to openSUSE, we recognised the need to organise something for all of you. After all there should be place for everyone in the openSUSE Conference.

We invite all people that want to make a short talk or talk short about their work inside openSUSE to join us in Lightning talks. Send your requests, info below.

How it works?

  • Each Presenter gets 10 minutes to present their topic (depending on the number of submissions…)

  • The topic should be related to openSUSE

  • You must send a description of your talk until the 10th of october and have the slides ready to send before the beginning of this years oSC

  • Your talk has no slide limit

Time is crucial so after the time limit you will have your microphone taken no matter what…

Speedy Geeko

After last year’s huge success and fun we dare to do it one more time. This year we promise to entertain you showing you the other stuff that openSUSE people do. Last year we had bacon, bees, countries, global personalities plus other cool stuff, this year we hope to be at least that interesting and exciting. Klaas & bees How it works?

  • Each Presenter gets 4 minutes to present their topic

  • Each Presenter will present with 20 slides

  • The slides progress every 15 seconds whether the Presenter is ready or not

  • The topic can NOT be related to openSUSE

Time is crucial here too so after the 5 minutes we will find ways to remove the microphone from you. Please don’t make us run for it and be aware that we will carry some sort of weapons.


If you feel like participating all you have to do is to follow the instructions below:

  • For submitting a lightning talk click here with subject title: Lightning talks

  • For submitting a Speedy Geeko talk email click here with subject title: Speedy Geeko

The deadline for sending your talks is 10th of october and we will release both schedules at the 15th. Jan & Kittens

After we release the schedules all you have to do is to be sure that you will have your presentations given to us at some point before this year’s openSUSE conference.

Of course in an open format, preferably ODF or PDF!

Your hosts Izabel Valverde and Kostas Koudaras

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