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16. Oct 2012 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

Party Geeko At the upcoming four in one conference in Prague we have a smashing session schedule ready for you. Last week we gave a sneak peek of some of those sessions. Today, we add two Round Table discussions about Free and Open to the Future Media track and we talk about another important side of our event: the Fun. The social side of events matters because it gives time to mingle, getting to know those you work with and talk about less technical subjects in a relaxed setting. The Geekos know how to party and for the LinuxDays event in Prague we’ve reserved a few party places. Read on to find out where and when all this goodness happens! futuremedia logo

The serious: Round Table discussions

Let’s start with the serious side. At the Future Media feature track, two round table sessions will be held with speakers from the track. Before lunch, during the the ‘why open matters’ discussion, speakers will answer questions from the public, talking about the value of ‘open’ for our society. And before the closing session at the end of the day, three speakers involved in building open networks, sharing knowledge and air drones (!) will talk about how ‘open’ works in practice. See the Schedule for more information.


The Fun: 2 parties and more

Now the fun part. We’ve organized a pre-party on Friday as well as a main party on Saturday. Sunday is open for teams to organize smaller meetups


Friday we plan a pre-conference welcome party. Not everyone will be in Prague in time so we don’t have space for 1000 people but if the weather is good we can handle a good number of you! A good reason to come to this party, other than the fun of course, will be the pre-registration. To avoid cues on Saturday, we’ll allow you to come and get your badge and your goodies. Note that if you have not registered there is no badge, no goodies and there won’t be food during the event. Yes, it is important to register!

The Party Place will be Cafe Traverza, right across the street of the University where the conference will take place on Saturday, so it will also give you a nice peek at the venue. You’re welcome starting at 18:00.

toad and hat


Saturday you’ll have to put on your BIG party hat. That evening, we converge in Club Lavka, right in the city center, next to the famous Charles Bridge. Obviously we picked this location to make sure even the most avid culture-haters will have some sight seeing forced upon them! This old building next to the Vltava river gives a nice view over Prague and will offer you all food and drinks. Note that you will need your badge to enter this party, which means you have to be registered! The party starts at 7pm, be there!


Sunday had originally a speaker dinner planned with the supporting conference goers but with the large number of both speakers and supporters, this is simply not feasible. Instead, we call on the different teams at the conference to organize their own events this evening.

lavka entree

Be there!

This year oSC12 will take place at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The campus is located in the district Dejvice and is next to an underground station that gets you directly to the historic city center - an opportunity you can’t miss!

We expect to welcome about 500 Open Source developers, testers, usability experts, artists and professional attendees to the openSUSE conference, but we won’t be alone: this year, we work together with the local LinuxDays, SUSE Labs and the Gentoo community, making one big, smashing event!

The entire combined conference is expected to attract well over 1000 visitors. Admission to the openSUSE conference as well as LinuxDays, the SUSE Labs conference and the Gentoo miniconf is completely free. However for oSC a professional attendee ticket is available that offers some additional benefits.

The conference will start at October 20 and end on the 23th. Be there!

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