The Board Election 2012

13. Nov 2012 | Izabel Valverde | No License

This years openSUSE Election Committee is in the pleasant position to announce the 2012 Board elections[0].

The timeline we decided for this year election is the following: November 13th (Phase 0)

  • Announcement of the openSUSE Board election for 2012.
  • Start of 2 week period to apply for an openSUSE membership (in order to vote).
  • Start of 2 week phase to stand for a position in the openSUSE Board.

November 27th

  • Notification of intent to run, and application for an openSUSE membership close (end of phase 0).

November 28th (Phase 1)

  • Start of 1 week campaign for the candidates before the ballots open (campaign might be done until ballots close).

December 5th (Phase 2)

  • Ballots open

December 16th

  • Ballots close (end of phase 2)

December 17th

  • Announcement of the results

So, if you want to participate in the openSUSE board and influence the future direction of the project please stand up and announce your candidacy. If you want to vote for the candidates, please make sure your openSUSE membership [1] is approved. If you are a contributor of openSUSE but you are not a member yet, apply for membership now[2] and be a part of the changes to come.

For the openSUSE Board will be 2 seats to be elected, each for a 2 year term.

If you have any questions about the election or the board’s tasks, please contact the election commitee ( or the board (

With Honour This year Election Committee Bryen M Yunashko Izabel Valverde Thomas Schmidt

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