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Heat Up Our Servers: 12.3 RC1 Is Ready To Download

February 7th, 2013 by

release counterAs winter refuses to relax its icy grasp on the northern hemisphere, the openSUSE project would like to announce the first release candidate of version 12.3 of its popular Linux distribution. Major updates include the desktop environment KDE to version 4.10, GNOME 3.6 and kernel 3.7.6. Help to iron out the last few bugs before the final release by downloading RC1 from software.opensuse.org.

What’s in there?

This preview includes the large number of fixes made to Factory since the beta, as well as the last major set of version updates.  RC1 needs a real workout to ensure we fix any remaining issues in time, so don’t wait for RC2, put it on your spare disk and give it a try now. Major changes include:

  • PackageKit 0.8.7
    • Major release allows transactions to be parallelized for better performance. The libzypp backend used by openSUSE was completely rewritten around the new API, allowing a lot of old ugly bugs to be shown the door.
  • Apper 0.8
    • Rewritten around new PackageKit, and the software update notifier has been rewritten as a plasmoid.  The language used in the UI has been changed to match usage in YaST and zypper better.
  • fcitx 4.2.7
    • The input method has several UI improvements for more efficient international text entry, and better Qt integration
  • Linux kernel 3.7.6
  • MariaDB replaces MySQL, as widely reported.
  • postfix 2.9.5 fixes bugs in rule pattern matching and in IPv6 support
  • WebYaST finally works on 12.3, but needs more testing
  • Samba 3.6.12 (Samba 4 missed the feature deadline)

For the first time, openSUSE 12.3 features custom-developed theming for Plasma Workspace. This features a dark tone-on-tone colour scheme, controlled use of texture and fashionably monochrome tray icons that stand apart from application icons.  Coordinated colour palettes in dark and light variations should appeal all tastes. Feedback on the new theme is very welcome at the opensuse-artwork mailing list.

Get openSUSE 12.3 RC1 from the usual place.

How you can contribute to 12.3

Although the final release is only a month away, there are lots of ways you can make a difference.

Testers can find information on how to work effectively in the openSUSE Testing wiki.
You can find the current list of the most annoying 12.3 bugs here.
Help us shorten that list by re-testing the problematic areas or by fixing bugs, and we love it when you help us find new important issues!

The openSUSE 12.3 Portal has been set up but still needs lots of work. There are screenshots to take, release notes to write, and documentation to update. We also welcome help with translating it all. Right now, the openSUSE Marketing and Artwork teams are meeting in the Nuremberg SUSE office on finishing artwork and release notes in time for the final release.

Find the information portal for openSUSE 12.3 here.
Screenshots of 12.3 are here, Documentation and the Localization Guide.
You can help promote our release by adding a release counter to your website. Pick a size, then link to the image with the usual tags:

Example tags:
<img title="release counter" src="http://counter.opensuse.org/small.png" alt="release counter"/>

You can also find social media backgrounds for g+, twitter and facebook here, website banners here, a cool release poster here and we’ve already got slide templates so you can present openSUSE at user groups, universities or workplaces.


openSUSE would like to shout out to OortLinux for letting us use their video for the KDE first login greeter. Thanks!

We’d of course also would like to extend our gratitude to our regular contributor base who contributed to making openSUSE: the packagers, translators, document authors and everyone else.

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27 Responses to “Heat Up Our Servers: 12.3 RC1 Is Ready To Download”

  1. Will Stephenson

    I just tested upgrade (using RC1 DVD x86_64 on a USB stick) from 12.2 (KDE 4.8.4), 12.2 + KDE:Release:4.9, and 12.1 + KDE:Release:4.9 yesterday on real hardware (Thinkpad X220), and Live media install with the KDE and GNOME 32 bit Live CDs to a Thinkpad X60, and it all went very smoothly, so for the experienced openSUSE user this should be safe to give a proper test on your real machine, not just a short test on a VM.

  2. Hi !

    Spreading to the spanish speakers! With a translation in my blog:

    Have fun!!

  3. Hello,
    Why is gnome-shell consuming 80% CPU on my laptop?

    Freshly installed openSUSE 12.3 RC1, i686.

  4. 1. On VitualBox 4.2.6 does not start after install??!! So, no testing, no running … nothing!
    2. The HELP CENTER contains functional opensuse manuals??

    • Will Stephenson

      1. See the bug report in the most annoying bugs list for a workaround.

      2. Unfortunately this has been broken for a while (KDE help centre at least) but you can access the manuals with a browser at /usr/share/doc/manual/.

  5. irlm

    Touchpad Alps have a scrooling problem, can you fix it?

    • Will Stephenson

      Not unless you report a bug and give more details. Maybe you could google the problem and refer to similar reports with more info?

  6. voyager_sat

    keberos server is missing or i cant find it? or is being removed on purpose?

  7. alvanx

    Will 12.3 support proper and painless UEFI dual-booting? The lack thereof in previous versions is actually the reason why I am stuck with Kubuntu right now. Until December, I had been a happy openSUSE user for almost 5 years! Please tell me it will be supported!

  8. Slobodan

    KDE Theme and artwork is stunning!

  9. Bajé la versión 12.3 RC1 que recién salió y me puse a instalarla; lo curioso es que entro en modo LIVE y no pide conectarme a internet, le digo que instale , preparo las 3 particiones /; /home y swap y luego todo lo que me pide, copia todo el Live y luego me pide que reinicie, al hacerlo inicia correctamente y llega un momento en que me aparece este letrero:
    Welcome to emergency mode! after logging in, type “journalctl -b” to view system logs, “systemctl reboot” to reboot, “systemctl default” to tray again to bot into default mode.
    Give root password for login:
    Le escribo mi contraseña, luego he tipeado en 3 sesiones diferentes, cada opción que me ha dado pero nunca pasa de volver a mostrarme este letrerito.
    No se porque siguen insistiendo en que OpenSUSE es para principiantes, yo algo entiendo de GNU/Linux y no he podido instalarla.
    Volví a hacer todo desde ceros y pasa lo mismo. Me regresé a colocar mi HD con Kubuntu 12.10 en la máquina y dejar el otro como externo para poder hacer mi comentario.

    • David

      OpenSUSE 12.3 todavía no ha salido (¡falta un mes todavía!).
      La versión que te has instalado es una versión de prueba, pensada para que los desarrolladores y la gente que quiera ayudar encuentre fallos pronto y los reporte.
      Si no te vas a molestar en reportar los fallos en “bugzilla.novell.com” no merece la pena que la pruebes.
      Deberías instalarte la 12.2, que es la última estable, o esperarte un mes a que salga la 12.3.

  10. Henne

    Just testing the RC1 64bit. KDE

    Runs great. There is only a problem with the keyboard setting. Can’t switch to the german localization.

    • Henne

      It´s possible to switch the settings. You have to switch the settings under Yast “System- Keyboardlayout”.

      It is marked as german. But it is not set.

      Just switch to an other language and then back to german. –> works

      After lockout and lockin –> same problem.

  11. Sasi

    12.3 RC1 Gnome Live cd hangs halfway thru during install with what ever boot parameters setting. Tried on many computers – the result remains the same. The image checksum is Ok. It boots with nicely on graphics mode and runs upto getting the Wireless activated and hangs there. Any solution?

  12. Is the installer fixed yet ? grub2 to dedicated /boot

  13. Are there any workaround for rtkit update problem? If not, whole opensuse 12.3 RC1 distribution is useless (at least for me). Update hangs at rtkit, restart goes to a partially updated system where e.g. net doesn’t work and update can’t proceed.

    • impo

      Problem seems to be with ..64-KDE-CD.iso image on USB-stick, better to avoid that.
      DVD works fine.


  14. My first impressions installing RC1 on old S3200SHC Xeon Intel board:
    1. Upgrade from 12.2 did not work well, I did full DVD install
    2. KDE desktop is nice
    3. System was set to Network Manager, but YAST2 was in old mode, so it did not work
    4. XEN virtualization in YAST2 is set to work with xm, which is now deprecated
    5. XEN is not stable with xl tool stack either (maybe my board is old?)
    6. VNC config in yast2 does not work for some reason
    7. Can not connect remotely with VNC (but VNC works fine for my other 12.2 servers)

  15. Belmira Dimas

    Estou usando o OpenSUs12.3 RC1 em meu computador já como minha distro principal. Sempre fui fã de carteirinha dessa distro, mas os pequenos bugs das versões anteriores me faziam migrar p/ outras distros linux. É uma distro robusta, bonita e muito funcional. Até aquí não tive nenhum problema com os testes e estou muito satisfeita.

  16. mike

    Too many huge outstanding bugs to be considered anything but alpa.

    Please don’t make the mistake of releasing before it is ready just to hit a meaningless date.

    New updater backends does not bode well for a good release :(

    • voyager_sat

      i agree to that and i think that 12.3 release date MUST go back a little bit because of the amount of CRITICAL bugs

  17. jonzn4suse

    Will 12.3 beta be upgraded to RC1 or do we have to reinstall?

  18. Anonymous

    Why does the “launch” panel in KDE 4.X to 4.10 exhibit, in moving and locking, relevant widgets into particular places exhibit instability? Things start to move from side to side uncontrollably and inexplicably – this is most annoying to the point where that instantiation of that panel has to be deleted and a new, default one has to be set up. In this respect KDE 3.5 did not have this type of problem.

  19. ARLight

    Installed on Gigabyte XFA-9900-UDH7 high end motherboard with AMD FX 8 Core CPU 16GB of DDR3 and so far the 12.3 RC1 is working amazingly stable so far, updates work, Graphics is using ATI 6870 2GB of DDR5 RAM, and so far Everything is working really nice. Will let you know if I anything else has a problem.

  20. blowme

    looking good!