oSC13: Kicking off with CfP and Registration

20. Feb 2013 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

Register Now!The openSUSE Conference (oSC13) team is pleased to announce that registration has opened and our paper committee calls out for submission of session proposals! From July 18 until July 22 2013, Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, will be host to the fifth oSC. Hundreds of hackers from around the globe will come to the country where the modern Age of Reason started. In the place where over 2500 years ago great thinkers sat down and taught the art of logical and critical thinking, we will sit down and talk critically about logic and code. Read on to find out how to register and where to send your session proposals!

Registration is open

You can now register for oSC13 using our conference tool. Registration for the event will remain open until the conference starts on July 18th. However, if you don’t register as early as possible (within 2 weeks of the event) we may not be able to ensure sufficient space for everyone at the lunch and party locations and we will have less chance of negotiating preferred room rates for you at hotels. So please, please, pretty please register as early as possible for you!

As in previous years registration and attendance of oSC13 is free of charge. But you can support the event by purchasing supporter tickets ($50) or professional tickets ($250) during registration. Funds from these ticket sales are a very important part of the budget for the overall conference. The money is used to fund the event and help with the openSUSE Travel Support Program to allow as many contributors as possible to attend the event. You can also get them in the SUSE Shop:

As supporter or professional ticket holders you will receive a special thank you surprise upon check-in.

Sponsoring oSC

Are you looking to do more that buying a ticket? Sponsorship opportunities of oSC13 are available. If you think about sponsoring or (might) know a potential sponsor please see our sponsorship brochure.

Call for Papers

Starting today, the oSC13 Paper Committee is ready to receive your proposals for sessions! Talk, Workshop and Birds of a Feather session submissions should be focused in the following 3 areas; Community & Project, Geeko tech, and openWorld. Submit your abstracts, workshop and BoF session proposals in our conference tool. The submission period begins today, Tuesday February 19 and ends on June 17, 2013.

oSC Talk

Community & Project

Sessions in this area should focus on the openSUSE project and community activities, including but not limited to project governance, marketing, artwork, ambassador reports and collaboration with other FOSS communities.

Geeko Tech

Sessions in this area should focus on openSUSE technologies such as packaging, the distribution, the openSUSE infrastructure etc.


For this area we invite other FOSS projects to share their work and collaborate with the openSUSE community. Sessions are not limited to technical content, you may choose to talk about your favorite pet project such as building a boat, a robot, or other interesting topics.

About oSC13 - Power to the Geeko

The openSUSE conference is the annual gathering of the community which support the openSUSE project together with other FOSS contributors and enthusiasts. The event in Thessaloniki will be our 5th conference and we expect it to once again be a great success. The talks, workshops and BoF sessions provide the framework to exchange information and knowledge. In this framework we provide a great atmosphere for collaboration and the creation of lasting connections and memories.

The “Power to the Geeko” motto of this year’s conference connects us with the past of our host country while looking into the future as we continue on our way to changing the world.

We’ll have fun!

The Greek Philosophers were part of a revolution which changed the world. So are we, and thus, under the motto of “Power to the Geeko”, we will gather and work on our revolution. Lets get those gears spinning, submit your session proposals, register your attendance, help us find sponsors and make the next openSUSE conference an awesome event.


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