Hackweek 9 is coming!

26. Mar 2013 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

hackweek 9 logo The week starting on April 8 will be Hack Week 9 at SUSE! The SUSE engineers will be free to work on projects of their passion for a week. They work in teams or alone on projects, personal, upstream or new. Hackweek takes place both on-line and at SUSE offices all over the world. Each location has a program for the week itself but right now we’re in preparation mode. As always, we try to make the event as open as possible (that’s why we use github) so you can see what we’re planning and can join in the fun!

Hackweek plans

You can check out the Hackweek site for an overview of what’s going on, the agenda for the various SUSE locations and especially the current project ideas. There are already ideas centered around Enlightenment, OpenStack, ARM and of course Ice Cream.

Traditionally, kickoff meetings are held internally about Hack Week and this year the one in Prague will be combined with a openSUSE 12.3 release party:

**Prague:** March 28, 16:00

Joining in the hacking fun

Obviously, this means you are all invited to this release party, where you will also have a chance to discuss the Hack Week ideas! For those not in Prague, you can not only check the Hackweek site but also talk to the engineers involved if you’re interested in participating somehow. It is also possible to add projects you want to work on to the list on the wiki. If you want to hack on a project, don’t forget to record where you live to make it easier to know for other potential Hack Week participants if there’s a timezone match!

You can get on #hackweek on freenode to chat to developer about their project! Like last year, we’ll do lightning talks of Hack Week on Friday afternoon which will be uploaded to our openSUSE video channels on youtube and blip.tv.

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