openSUSE Conference 2013 Call for Papers extends to June 17.

3. Apr 2013 | Henne Vogelsang | No License

Deadlines… we like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by! Originally the Call for Papers (CfP) for the openSUSE Conference 2013 (oSC13), the annual gathering of our community, ended at April 3. You have submitted a lot of great talks and workshops and we’ve started to build a preliminary schedule that looks awesome possum, pardon our french.

However some of you seem to have missed the deadline and there are still a handful of slots left to be filled so we are extending the CfP until Monday, June 17, 12pm. But, there had to be a but, we expect that the schedule will fill quickly, so get your merde together, there is that french again, and submit your proposals as soon as possible!

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What we are looking for

Your submission should either be a talk, a presentation with slides, or a workshop where you instruct people in a hands-on lab experience. The focus of your submission should be one of the following 3 topics:

Community & Project

Submissions in this area should focus on the openSUSE project and community activities, including but not limited to project governance, marketing, artwork, ambassador reports and so on.

Geeko Tech

Submissions in this area should focus on openSUSE technologies such as packaging, the distribution, the openSUSE infrastructure etc.


For this area we invite other FOSS projects to share their work and collaborate with the openSUSE community. Submissions are not limited to technical content, you may choose to talk about your favorite pet project such as building a boat, a robot, or other interesting topics.

and while we’re at it don’t forget to register!

Registration is and will continue to be open until the event starts and we urge you to register as soon as you can! Registrations helps us negotiating with the venue, hotels and other suppliers, it makes it easier for us to plan for food and the right amount of party fun during oSC13. So be a good openSUSE community member and go register.

And remember: you can support oSC13 by purchasing supporter tickets ($50) or professional tickets ($250) during registration. Funds from these ticket sales are a very important part of the budget for the overall conference!


Power to the Geeko!

The openSUSE conference is the annual gathering of many that support the openSUSE project and other FOSS contributors and enthusiasts. The event in Thessaloniki will be our 5th conference and we expect it to once again be a great success. The talks, workshops and BoF sessions provide the framework to exchange information and knowledge. In this framework we provide a great atmosphere for collaboration and the creation of lasting connections and memories.

The “Power to the Geeko” motto of this year’s conference connects us with the past of our host country while looking into the future as we continue on our way to changing the world.

We’ll have fun!

The Greek Philosophers were part of a revolution which changed the world. So are we, and thus, under the motto of “Power to the Geeko”, we will gather and work on our revolution. Lets get those gears spinning, submit your session proposals, register your attendance, help us find sponsors and make the next openSUSE conference an awesome event.

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