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2. May 2013 | George Bratsos | No License

openSUSE Release Party Athens Fosscomm (Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting) is an annual conference for Free and Open Software. It’s organized from the Greek open source community for the Greek open source community in a different city of Greece each year. It’s an annual meeting for people who love open source technology, beers and party!

Of course the Greek openSUSE Community couldn’t miss this chance for having fun, drink beers, meet new people and talk about the technologies that openSUSE 12.3 has and the magnificent openSUSE Conference at Thessaloniki.

We gathered all our promo dvds, posters, logos,_ badges_, stickers and our good mood and arrived at Athens one day before the conference! Booth @Fosscomm 2013

One day before the conference… Are they crazy?

No we aren’t. We arrived at Athens on Friday because we held a wonderful Release party at for our new release! Everyone was there! New people came to meet us and share their enthusiasm about the new release! Of course beers and our delicious must have cake where there too!

We had a lot of fun, met new openSUSE folk and people we invited to join us at our booth at the Conference! More photos here!

Time for some serious work to be done!

After the long night and a very successful release party the next morning we headed to the building where the conference was held. We arrived early in the morning and started preparing our booth! Everything was there, stickers, dvds, posters, badges, promo community and conference leaflets and a monitor connected with a** Raspberry Pi** “playing till death” the promo video for our conference! It’s true that we had the richest in material booth than any of the other communities where there.

Booth @Fosscomm 2013

Spreading the word on openSUSE 12.3 and the openSUSE technology!

Presentations started with “Developing E17 on openSUSE 12.3” by Stathis Iosifidis and Alex P. Natsios (aka Drakevr) which attracted lots of technical folk. After that it was time for “Why openSUSE 12.3” where Stathis Iosifidis presented our new release and all of its “under the hood” technologies. People where excited with so many questions about our new stuff that the presentation ran out of time! At that point, questions had to overflow in the direction of the “booth team”, which were of course ready for action! Most questions were answered, promodvds where gone like golden cookies and we hope to get their feedback by encouraging them to communicate with us by giving them our community leaflets!

Last but not least Angelos Tzotsos (aka kalxas) represented the openSUSE community successfully in a Communities Roundtable.

#osc13 @Thessaloniki

That was the promo title for the equivalent presentation! After the good work of George Bratsos coloring the building in green with #osc13 posters and every green team member there giving leaflets to everyone, Stathis Iosifidis and Stella Rouzi were up on the stage to rock! The presentation attracted a huge crowd, many of which were interested in helping us at Thessaloniki and while gearing up for the conference. We hope to see many of them as well as others at the conference this summer!

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You can find more photos here.

Leaving this year’s Fosscomm behind

We left this years Fosscomm with many things to remember. We also have to thank the organizers for the perfect organization of the conference; we loved every minute at this years conference! We are lookng forward to see you at our openSUSE Conference @Thessaloniki to have a lot of fun!

openSUSE Conference

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