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Server outages the coming days

May 18th, 2013 by

Failed geekoBelieve it or not: a car crashed into the Nuremberg SUSE office building. Our geekos are fine but the power will have to be shut down so repairs can take place. You can expect some availability issues for our servers the coming days. Hopefully things will be back up next week!

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12 Responses to “Server outages the coming days”

  1. Luuk

    Pictures of the crash available?

  2. George

    Yeah, picture would be interresting to see.

  3. Matwey

    Hope nobody injured in the accident. Could you show some pics?

  4. a car in the SUSE office?? How can be that possible!! O_O

  5. O… O… may be

  6. They were probably either a Windows or Mac user, using their mobile device.

  7. Scooter

    What ever happen to the standard disaster recovery site? How will SUSE ever recover? :-)

  8. Anonymous

    Given that your expertise is software for the enterprise, you should be able to simply fail-over to your DR location, right?????

  9. Ken Homza

    Here yaw go http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/opensuse.org.html

  10. Danny

    Glad I just downloaded not only my first copy of openSUSE, but my first installation of Linux ever. And am I EVER LOVING IT !!!

    I tried both KDE and Gnome and after a few days of using both have settled on the Gnome environment. Just works for me.

    I’m still getting my feet wet…but am fairly confident that by the time openSUSE 13.1 comes around I will be Microsoft free and all my family members as well. I am using the install on a computer at work also as a test bed to introduce FOSS and Linux to my fellow co-workers and some of the uppity-mucks. As soon as I iron out the Exchange setup so I can access Outlook on openSUSE, then I will be on my way to being Microsoft free at work as well.

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery at the office and I am surely glad that no one was injured.

    Go openSUSE !!

  11. henry

    Glad to hear no geeko was harmed.
    Only material damages.
    An accident is just that, an accident.