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3. Jul 2013 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

ChameleonBustPosterDraftWe’ve got great news for you: the openSUSE Conference Paper Committee has finalized the conference program! We’ve got inspiring keynotes, interesting talks, in-depth workshops and intensive parties all lined up! Read on to find out what we’ve got in store.


We gave you a preview of the three main subjects of our event, the Community and Project; Geeko Tech and OpenWorld. The conference website also has a taste of the program. And starting today you can check out the details of these and other talks. And plan what sessions you’d like to attend!


Like last year, we plan on recording the main sessions at the conference and streaming them live for those who couldn’t make it to the event. We’ll edit them afterward and publish them as soon as possible.

The live streaming will be offered through the openSUSE Bambuser channel. Although the broadcast is live you may need to register with so that you can comment in the chat. The local team will try to make sure that the room chairs share questions from people joining remotely with the presenters.

Offering live streaming services for the conference is not easy and those attending are expected to participate in keeping the streams and post processing moving along. There is also a tentative idea of offering live translation from English to other languages. If you are one who can translate, don’t hesitate to contact the conference’s organizers and help with translation.

After the conference is over, the recording of the sessions will be posted in our openSUSE youtube channel. The video recording as well as editing cost a lot of time and we very much welcome help with this: our ambitious goal of publishing the video’s of the sessions within 24 hours of recording won’t be met without some help! If you’re interested in the tech behind these recordings, we use dvswitch, code here.

Please note that if you’re going to oSC you’re expected to be OK with us making and sharing these recordings with our remote audience.

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We already shared with you that Georg Greve, Founder of the Free Software Foundation Europe and CEO of Kolabsys, will open our conference on Friday with a keynote about the value of freeing our data from the sticky hands of governments and companies. As the schedule shows, Saturday the event will be introduced by Ralf Flaxa, head of Engineering at SUSE, who will talk about building openSUSE. The third day, Sunday, will open with community manager Jos Poortvliet, talking about hugs community values, governance and the awesomeness of Geekos.

Key Signing Party

There will of course be the traditional keysigning party, taking place on the 21st at 18:00 in room Zeus and preceded by a talk about keysigning and security in the same room. There is no central key registry for this keysigning. Instead it will simply be a keyslip exchange.

What to bring:

  • Yourself

  • Paper slips with your key id, fingerprint, name & emails.

  • Something to identify yourself. Usually government-issued

  • identification, such as a passport. Multiple pieces of identification are preferred.

If you need to make new paper slips, this generator tool is suggested.

At this time, there are 50+ attendees expected at the keysigning event, so you should bring at least that number of slips. Doubling that may be advisable if the event ends up being very large.

Be there!

We’ll also have a few social events, including of course the registration party on Thursday night. But for now, you can plan the sessions you’d like to attend by checking out the program!

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