Announcing the openSUSE Summit 2013

15. Jul 2013 | News Team | No License

While everyone is certainly looking forward to the upcoming openSUSE Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece (only a few days away) it is not too early to cast our view just a bit into the future and also get excited about our second openSUSE Summit. Especially for those on the west side of the big pond, a.k.a. The Atlantic, that may not be able to trek to Greece to join fellow Geekos the openSUSE Summit offers a great opportunity to meet fellow Geekos, hang out, chat, hack and Have a lot of Fun…. As in the previous year the openSUSE Summit will immediately follow SUSECon.

The openSUSE Summit will take place at the Disney Corronado Springs Resort in Buena Vista, Florida (just outside Orlando) from November 15 to November 17, 2013. Those registering prior to November 1st will get free access to the remaining session of SUSECon that take place on Friday November 15.

Registration and CfP

Registration and CfP are now open, so head on over to OSEM and register and/or submit your Session/BoF/Workshop proposal. Yes, we are finally managing to use the same tool for two events, hurray. For those that did not register for oSC13, first you need to create an OSEM account and then register for the openSUSE Summit.


Our primary sponsor is SUSE but to organize an event it takes more than just one helping hand. Thus, additional sponsors are needed and more than welcome. In the tradition of previous openSUSE events the openSUSE SUmmit is a free (as in beer) event and thus the financial support for the event and the openSUSE Travel Support Program soley depend on the sponsors of the openSUSE Summit. For sponsorship information please contact Izabel Valverde

Travel Support Program

The openSUSE Travel Support program will once again have financial assistance available for attendees that are openSUSE contributors or are interested in contributing to the openSUSE Summit and need financial support to attend. An announcement will be made on the openSUSE Summit web site and the Summit mailing list when applications for travel support are accepted.

Article contributed by Robert Schweikert

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