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openSUSE Milestone 3

July 16th, 2013 by

Milestone 2 was released just a month ago and it is now time to get the newest milestone release of openSUSE. Please remember that there is only one more milestone before openSUSE starts beta testing. There is still time for you to submit your bugs and requests for the distribution to include. As it is generally with milestones the changes are not dramatic, but there are some highlights you can see next.M3

GNOME 3.9.3 (3.10 Beta)

KDE 4.10.90 (4.11 Beta)

gcc 4.7->4.8 Kernel changed to the final stable version 3.10.0.

Subversion also changed to the latest stable release accompanied by a few important changes that you can review here. Also, Mozilla Firefox is now updated to the latest version 22. Some improvements include WebRTC is now enabled by default! Meaning that anyone looking to have Firefox do more live communication through the browser, can now do so by default. We have not seen much of this in action other than the Facebook chat integration with Firefox but there should some new applications coming in the future. HTML5 audio/video playback rate can now be changed for all those looking to ditch flash.  Asm.js optimizations (OdinMonkey) is now enabled for performance improvements that have been benchmarked recently here.

openSUSE recommends that you download the DVD for testing purposes only. It is important to remember that the changes made in this version are not meant to be in your everyday computer, but rather that you used this version for testing purposes giving the community feedback on what bugs and problems you find. You can file your bugs in our forums, or bug tracking system bugzilla.

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10 Responses to “openSUSE Milestone 3”

  1. Yep!!
    And maybe in Milestone 4 there’s some surprises with a “new” YaST !!
    as always spreadint the word for spanish speakers:

    Have a lot of fun!!

  2. 67GTA

    Used dd to make live usb from the KDE 64bit iso. Installs fine, but the openSUSE grub entry is always missing. It shows all the other OS’s… Will try from DVD.

    • Anonymous

      Grub works fine with DVD install. Grub is broken when installed from live USB.

      • Anonymous

        There is also a bug with Logitech Unifying Receivers and kernel 3.10. You can install solaar, and unpair/pair to workaround at each boot.

  3. And if you want, you can test another milestone 3 with a new YaST translated into Ruby…

    Have fun!!

  4. Bob

    Any chance to find Kernel >= 3.11 in OpSu 13.1 sooner or later ?

  5. roeland

    hmm, got a fresh install (testing..) on an eeepc 901 and kde doesn’t load. It ries to but just gets back to login screen before desktop is shown….