openSUSE Conference 2013: The Infomercial

29. Jul 2013 | George Bratsos | No License

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One of the most exciting openSUSE Conferences is over. The community proved that everything can be done if people are anxiously engaged. Everyone had fun and was excited about these four days of conference. G(r)eekos had everything set up, from interesting presentations and workshops to night parties, lunch and dinner.

#oSC13 from the inside

All visitors who came to the conference were delighted with the presentations. Keynotes, workshops and presentations about new technologies both software and hardware, community BoFs everything was there. Anyone could attend any session without any special knowledge from a presentation about openSUSE on ARM, an introduction to MySQL, openSUSE’s Release cycle, hacking RaspberryPi, learning about OBS packages and messing around with Puppet.

#oSC13 and Thessaloniki’s experience

[caption id=”” align=”alignright” width=”368”]Geekos having Fun! Geekos having Fun![/caption]

All visitors enjoyed the Greek hospitality and the Greek sun! The venue of the conference was set up with many beach accessories by the volunteers in order to give the impression to visitors that summer is here! A mini beach bar was set up outside venue and 4 small pools for visitors to relax with a beer or a refreshment after the presentations. Visitors also had the opportunity to make a tour around the city of Thessaloniki and sightseeing. Everyone experienced the nightlife of Thessaloniki!

Everyone experienced how Greeks have fun with beers, retsina, drinks, cocktails, shots, BBQ and music. Last but not least, the walks inside the city were something to remember.

#oSC13 in total

Two hundred sixty seven (267) out of three hundred ninety (390) people subscribed attended the event. It’s a community win for the conference and it shows how a small community can achieve a conference this big. All the work that is done for this successful conference is online on Trello (where we all communicated) and it is our legacy to the next openSUSE Conference organizers to have a place to start and also improve in order to have more successful conferences in the future.

Everyone is happy about organizing openSUSE Conference in Greek. No one anticipated to that kind of conference believing perhaps, that a community-organized event would not live up to the standards of prior conferences. It was an experience that only the G(r)eekos could give to everyone in attendance.

#oSC13 Info

You can find lots of pictures from #oSC13 on openSUSE Greek Fans on facebook or on G+. Markus Feilner from Linux Magazine wrote a lot about oSC13, which can be read by our German readers directly or through Google Translate by others. Find it here!

“I Love the Geeko, Greeko” is the song that Carlos and his brother dedicated to the Greek openSUSE Community. We hope that you all loved us, had fun and appreciated our work done.

Looking forward to see you next year in Croatia to a more successfull conference than this year’s conference!

oSC13 thank you Carlos

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