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Help promote openSUSE 13.1!

October 7th, 2013 by

Making noise

We’re not at the release, but the beta is out, according to the roadmap RC1 is coming Thursday and our artists have been hard at work preparing artwork. We’ve got badges, backgrounds, counters and banners for you to put on your social media or blog pages, on your desktop or even on your wall! Let’s make sure everybody knows what’s coming.

For you blog and social media accounts

If you want to decorate your blog or website with a nice 13.1 banner, grab one of these four:

468x60 468×60
 728x90 728×90
120x90 120×90
125x125 125×125


As we geekos like to share, we have all this in nice svg files that you can modify to your liking on github. The above are made by Anditosan, kudos to him!

Twitter, facebook, G+…

For twitter, facebook and such, VictorHCK has been hacking away! Download the image of your choice here (images available for ‘release is out’ and ‘is coming soon’ as well as a nice plain background) and go through the following steps:

  1. Login in your account of Twitter
  2. Select Settings in the top panel
  3. In Design tab, select Change background image
  4. Select the image
  5. Click on Save changes

Victor has also created really cool Google+ banners which you can easily apply. Once our Facebook images are updated, you can get them here. Of course, feel free to lend us a hand!

Release Counter

The release counter currently still shows 12.3 but it will be updated to 13.1 soon! The URL won’t change so you can just follow the tips below and get it as soon as it is done!

You can add the openSUSE 13.1 release counter to your website in various sizes by including the following html code in your blog:
<a href="http://en.opensuse.org/Portal:13.1"><img src="http://counter.opensuse.org/medium.png" border="0"/></a><br/>
“medium” is the size of the counter; it can also be “small” or “large” and we also have “wide” for a banner.

See the Countdown page on the openSUSE Wiki for more countdown information, code and tips!

Going to print CD’s?

And if you’re planning on printing CD’s, there’s some awesome artwork done by Andi for that in this github folder. Lookin’ real Green!
anditosan's cd sleeve design

Release is coming…

Some of you have asked about the ‘release is coming’ images… Yeah, we have them in higher quality and even some SVG goodness! Just click the image for the github repo


If you have any trouble with the github links, there is a nice static mirror provided by Tigerfoot. And yes, organization of so much artwork is difficult and yes, github might not be the BEST tool for downloading, but we value collaboration. And we still have to find a tool which would do a better job at that…

Help spreading the fun!

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12 Responses to “Help promote openSUSE 13.1!”

  1. Matt

    The CD case picture shows the wrong release version on the back – it says 12.3 instead of 13.1!

  2. cool!!
    Thanks for the mention!! ;)
    Have fun!

  3. Spreading the word for spanish speakers and social networks!!

  4. Matt

    I would like to see something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY_7pxn0BVQ as SUSE also has a strong history.

  5. great widget, I have put it on the front page of my website, please visit http://blog.taryo.net .., i love opensource, go opensource

  6. Done! Bring on 13.1 !!

  7. Bob

    Already have the imagery up on my site!

  8. vrm

    Been a suse user since 5.x days and I am still running 12.3 at work and home. But I am totally disillusioned with the whole linux distribution scenario. It seems to be such a waste of time that people are duplicating most of the mundane work while not devoting any meninful resources toward solving REAL problems for users. I understand that individual OSS project is the purview of the developer and they can focus on just the academic aspect of the s/w and not look at it from an end user’s perspective but a distribution is explicity geared toward end users.

    Yet I have seen little change in how distributions work over the years- suse’s own installer looks very similar to what it did over 10 years ago, even though it supports more recent h/w. It still installs a bunch of unnecessary packages which I explicitly deselect under detail package selection, employs the use of meta packages as a kitchen sink approach to dumping s/w onto a desktop system. I would rather it kept packages to a minimum, and even re-define a dependency as absolutely necessary for the s/w to run.

    And network update during installation using wifi, to my knowledge never worked and I stopped attempting it years ago- it still doesn’t work in 12.3. I tried 13.1 milestone and it did not work there as well.

    Yet, we will keep having a never ending sequene of versions 13.x, 14.x and so on. WHY ? Why can we not have more of an ios/android approach to software installation and maintenance ? I know ubuntu is trying to get there but given its limited resources, it may take a long time to get there, if it ever does – there is tremendous amount of negativity toward them from the so called community (actually a clique) every time they try to break the mould and do something different; different is what we NEED, the status quo is not ideal.

    In short, with my rant, I intend to state that I am no longer so enthusiastic about promoting opensuse or ANY linux distro for that matter. I might continue to run linux because a) windows is not an option and never been in my 20+ years as a developer b) osX does not run on generic PC h/w.