openSUSE Summit Schedule Ready!

21. Oct 2013 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

openSUSE Summit 2013 logo As you may well know, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in beautiful Florida will welcome all Geekos to this year’s openSUSE Summit from November 15 to 17. This will be a great event, if the brand new schedule is any indication! It has just been made public, together with information about our keynote speakers.

The keynotes

We are very excited to announce our keynote speaker for the keynote on Saturday. Mykel Alvis will speak to us about fostering better communication, a topic that is very important within openSUSE and any open source project. Mykel’s current interest lie in IT automation and he has a plethora of experience in the enterprise and open source realms as developer and consultant. Mykel has spoken at many events, including this year’s South East Linux Fest and Puppet Camp.


The schedule

Thanks to those interested in sharing their knowledge we were able to compile a great schedule with presentations and workshops. The presentation and workshop schedule is now posted on the openSUSE Summit web site. There will be systemd and image building workshops, talks about technical subjects like virtualization or building scalable web apps to more social subjects like marketing and advocacy.

We will also have a fun game or two going on during the summit, and don’t forget if you purchase a ticket in support of the event (registration and attendance is free, of course) you will receive a very nice backpack as welcome gift. openSUSE Summit 2013 flyer

Help promote the Summit!

We’ve been working on some promotional materials for the openSUSE summit. The flyer on the right you can click - and then get the source in a format you can print and hand out!!! We also have some pics you might want to put on your site, linking to the event, like the logo on the top of this article. Find it all in github.

Be there and have fun!

We’re looking forward to the Summit. Getting to know one another, learning new technologies, getting hands-on in workshops - it’s fun and useful. Be there!

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