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Get Ready to Party: Release is Around the Corner!

November 11th, 2013 by

release is comingIn just a little over a week, openSUSE 13.1 will be released! As we’ve all put in serious work to make this happen, it is certainly a good cause for celebration. Time to organize Launch Parties!

Launch Parties

A launch parties are to celebrate an openSUSE release. To start with the celebration part, as we all enjoy hanging out with fellow geekos, just having a space where you can talk and perhaps drink a beverage of choice should do the trick just fine. Of course, conversation starts easier if there is a subject to discuss – and that is where the release comes in! By the time the release is out, there is plenty of information on the openSUSE 13.1 Portal page that can be discussed.

Release parties are part of openSUSE. That means: they should be open, cool and featuring lots of fun! That doesn’t mean just following a ‘code of conduct‘, no, it means going out to people and being inviting! We’re all geekos, we’re all the same and we’re in this together, so we’re all responsible for each others fun.
Party time


Organizing a release party requires the following three simple steps:

      1. Find a space. Simple is good: perhaps a room in your university, office or a cafe or restaurant.
      2. Register your launchparty on this wiki page
      3. Invite people: create a facebook and G+ event page, and send a mail to relevant mailing lists
        – like your local translation list or the project list… A blog can be helpful, too.

    Finally, Have a lot of fun! Welcome every new geeko and remind them that we’re all here for fun: talk to everybody you don’t know first! Perhaps a quick presentation on what is new is nice but not mandatory. Just remember: people are what makes openSUSE, so bringing them together is all that really counts.

    See this how-to for more info and tips!

    If you want to party on the release date, consider joining our G+ release day hangout!

    Have a lot of fun!

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4 Responses to “Get Ready to Party: Release is Around the Corner!”

  1. Chika

    Please don’t mention G+. Especially after the crimes of Gurgle on a certain video website.

  2. RM

    Stop pissing about with the launch parties and release the damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gold Master should have been out by today anyway!

  3. Pierre

    If you are too impatient to wait the last few days after a 9 month period of development, grab the RC2 and start testing to find the last bugs instead of whining and crying. Furthermore the RC2 is already as stable as a gold master for me.

    Awesome work!
    Beautiful, unique, extensible, stable.

    No Bottle this ‘Bottle’! ;-)

    Keep up this amazingly great work.

  4. Dragotin

    When will be the Release Party in Nuremberg? I am looking forward to party the new awesome release in the eye of the storm!