FOSDEM 2014: The Infomercial

7. Feb 2014 | George Bratsos | No License


Fosdem is the biggest open source developer’s event in Europe.

Geekos couldn’t miss the chance to be there promoting our beloved distribution and of course our next big event openSUSE Conference 2014 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Booth and goodies

FOSDEM 2014 booth

It all started on Friday night. Everyone gathered at the usual “FOSDEM’s pub” in order to attend the welcome party! It wasn’t as cold as last year because the place was packed! Geekos and everyone drank as much as they could to get in the mood for one more unforgettable FOSDEM weekend.

As usual lots of booths were in the main building of FOSDEM. Our booth was set up early in the morning with lots of new materials to share like posters, stickers, our new distribution CDs, promo cubes, geeko money and live screens and laptops.

In combination with the power of our booth team openSUSE may had less material than last year but really rocked! George, Alexandros, Bruno, Françoise , Ancor, Michal, Athanasios – Ilias (zoumpis), Richard and Benjamin our new recruit from France gave everything they had in order to show people the awesomeness of our community and distribution!

FOSDEM 2014 promoting

One bad thing is that we didn’t have presentations this year about our distribution so all power was focused on our booth and promotion.



Geekos everywhere

Geekos volunteer

There weren’t only geekos in the main building at our booth. This year we might haven’t got beer in order to help FOSDEM but we had two volunteers at the registration desk! Stella and Iliana from Greece’s openSUSE Conference were there days before to prepare and run the registration and donation desks with the rest of the volunteers .


So what did we take from FOSDEM? openSUSE is clearly one of the most popular distributions. We had people asking and asking and asking questions to explore how awesome our communities and teams are.

openSUSE Conference 2014

We came across some issues that visitors faced but we solved almost everything and no one left from our booth unhappy.

Last but not least, Bruno and the whole booth team deserve some beers about their amazing work and organization there. It was awesome because we were all there!

View some more FOSDEM pictures here and here and here and all around the web…

Next meeting, Croatia 24-28 April! Looking forward to see you there too!

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