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openSUSE participates in GSoC 2014

March 4th, 2014 by

GSoC 2014: First Steps

openSUSE is part of yet another Google Summer of Code. After a rocking ride in last year’s edition, our Geeko’s are gearing up for another awesome program. This year promises to be more special, as Google is celebrating its 10th anniversary of the program.

About the Program:

Google Summer of Code (commonly called as GSoC) is an annual program conducted by Google which pays students code to write code for open source organizations. It is one of the most best ways for organizations such as openSUSE to get some quality work done, and gain long term contributors. In the last edition, we had 10 students complete their projects and gain recognition within the community.

openSUSE and GSoC:

Last year, we collaborated with ownCloud, Balabit(makers of syslog-ng) and Hedgewars under a common umbrella. It worked very well for all of us. This year, we are collaborating with ownCloud, Zorp(a Gateway technology by Balabit) and the MATE desktop along with the bucket load of awesome projects from openSUSE itself. Our mentors are quite enthusiastic, and recognize the role played by GSoC in moving the community forward.

For Students:

If you are a student who wants to participate under openSUSE, and ‘have a lot of fun’, do check out our ideas page and guidelines. As always, the key is to start early and to interact with mentors and the community at large. Fixing bugs and working on Proof of Concepts is a good way to start.

Student application period opens on 10th March, and continues till March 21.


You can find out all about our GSoC programme on the wiki or contact the GSoC team for further questions
Manu Gupta
Saurabh Sood

You can reach the community at our Mailing List and on #opensuse-project on IRC (Freenode).

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3 Responses to “openSUSE participates in GSoC 2014”

  1. Alun

    Fantastic to see that MATE is being thought of by openSUSE crowd. I truly hope MATE will be a standard installation/upgrade option in release 13.2. I am an user of MATE due to it’s simplicity (no useless baggage included as with other desktop environments) and ease of use for systems (that don’t come with fancy GPUs that is required for other desktop environments) and development.

  2. I like to see some projects/ideas to improve ui of Yast. I believe to make OpenSuse more easier to non-linux user, improving control panel application is very important.

    • Manu

      Hi Sharique,

      Indeed it will be nice, it will be nice if you can spread the word to work on improving YaST, this way it will be a very win-win situation for everyone openSUSE, you and the student.