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Development for 13.2 Kicks Off

March 19th, 2014 by

openSUSE Factory development is going steady and our venerable release manager has made a first milestone available. No development schedule has yet been determined, although it has been decided that we will aim for a release in November of this year. Major changes include X, Y and Z.
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Release Plans

Our normal 8-month release cycle would warrant a release in July, but the openSUSE team has proposed to change the schedule due to the work they are doing on our tooling and infrastructure. In the discussions on our mailing list it became clear a November release has much support. This is now the tentative plan and we will decide the specific schedule as well as who’s gonna do what and where at the upcoming openSUSE Conference in Dubrovnik.

Meanwhile, the openSUSE team is asking for feedback, bug hunting and fixing of the new-and-improved openQA and Staging tools for the Open Build Service.

Changes in the first milestone

Although we’re just at the start of our release cycle, this milestone already introduces a number of significant changes. Plans on what exactly will be included will be created at oSC14 next month.

  • The btrfs filesystem is default (and comes with btrfsprogs 3.12), as is the wicked network management tool (replacing ifup) and the dracut initrd replacement
  • YaST sports a new look and its Qt front-end is ported to Qt5
  • Zypper is at the 1.10.x branch for the next release, introducing a number of bug fixes and minor improvements
  • KDE Frameworks 5 packages are included, as well as the latest Application and Platform releases in the 4.x series
  • Our infrastructure is updated: rpm 4.11.2 introduces weak dependencies, PackageKit 0.8.16 comes with a new appdata format and there are binutils .24, Bluez 5.15, systemd 210, pulseaudio at 5.0 and the latest 3.14RC kernel
  • In the graphics area we now have packages for wayland 1.4, freetype 2.5.2 (changing font weights) and Mesa 10.1
  • Cloud and databases bring xen 4.4, virtualbox 4.3.8 and postgresql 9.3.
  • For developers we’ve included GCC 4.9 (default still 4.8.2), make 4.0, llvm 3.4, cmake 3.0(rc), gdb 7.7, git 1.9.0 and subversion 1.8.8
  • In the language area, we’ve now got ruby 2.1, php5 5.5.9 and python 2.7.6 and 3.4.0(rc)

Getting and playing

You can get the milestone as usual on software.opensuse.org/developer. You can get involved in development discussions on the factory mailing list (subscribe).

Have a lot of fun!

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27 Responses to “Development for 13.2 Kicks Off”

  1. Cory

    So No MATE Desktop in 13.2? this is a bit of a let down :(

    • Manu

      Mate can be installed as an additional repository, it is supported just as well.

    • scarabeus

      The list is about what-is-on-dvd :) so there is no MATE desktop. But on the repositories the MATE actually is. Even now we have some update for it pending so it gets more pretty for next milestone.

  2. Carlos

    what about bumblebee support? there should be the option as it is now officially supported even directly from the closed-source NVidia Drivers

  3. jcat123

    Does the KDE LiveCD and Install DVD have KDE/KF5-Plasma 4 or 5 packages?

  4. And about Gnome, nothin?

    • scarabeus

      Well nothing to mention apart from it got updated. Same would be here for KDE if there were no KF5. Simply bussiness as usual, wait later on when they get to the stable version it will be announced.

    • Anonymous

      They haven’t managed to drop it yet… ;)

  5. Bob

    KDE network manager (once again) unable to connect to hidden WLAN, otherwise 13.2 looks good – at least from what I’ve seen so far.

  6. Tom

    until now works fine

  7. d_hinds

    Regarding the comment suggesting no one uses Gnome and therefore, replacing it with Mate:

    I upgraded my v. 12.3 Gnome 64 bit (installed originally as a net installation) to v. 13.1 using zypper dup and have installed fresh 13.1 Gnome on a couple of other computers, using both the Live CD and USB Flash drives recorded using SUSE Studio Writer.

    Distrowatch indicates that openSUSE is availble with the Blackbox, GNOME, IceWM, KDE, LXDE, Openbox, WMaker, Xfce Desktop Environments although some of those may be community (unofficial) builds (SUSE Studio facilitates creating additional combinations of compatible modules) and obviously, there can be as many DE’s avaiable as there are people interested and able to develop and maintain them.

  8. wtf?

    BTRFS by default?

    RIP openSUSE :(

    That has got to be the most shortsighted and stupid thing ever done. This makes Canonical’s UI blunders seem downright sane.

    • Yeah, scary, openSUSE moving forward with filesystems. After all, it is available on SUSE Linux Enterprise and heavily tested for openSUSE 13.1 so it can’t be any good, can it?

      I suggest you stick to MS Dos 1.0, the Least Scary Operating System Everâ„¢!

  9. can we finally have that app-store, please? :)

    between appstream and bodega i think the tools are there…

  10. Wladimir S. Mesko (@wmesko)

    Hope this Wayland stuff won’t make impossible to install Catalyst drivers and use Gnome, as in Fedora 20…

  11. Edwin T.

    We need something better to search and download software from repositories, something like Google, Microsoft and Apple did (ubuntu almost did), a better approach for newcomers, the bash is made for dinosaurs(like me) and technicians.