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FreeDesktop Summit about to start

March 27th, 2014 by

Next week, from Monday the 31st of March to the 4th of April, developers from the major Linux Desktops (GNOME, KDE, Unity and RazorQt) will meet again in Nuremberg for the second FreeDesktop Summit.

The summit is a joint technical meeting from developers working on ‘desktop infrastructure’ on the major Free Desktop projects and the event aims to improve collaboration between the projects by discussing specifications and the sharing of platform-level components.

Like last year, the event is supported by SUSE, which is offering the venue, the hotels and some help with organization.

Check the report from last year to get an idea of what this event is about.

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3 Responses to “FreeDesktop Summit about to start”

  1. Anonymous

    What about LXDE, Xfce und Enlightenment?

  2. Fabian B

    the first time i hear from this event :( noooo

    if somebody reads this and has some time around: please start a talk about “dialogs via dbus”, we have kdialog, zenity and much much more dialog implementations. so make it possible to have native Qt dialogs in GTK- and native GTK dialogs in Qt- desktops. :)