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4. Jul 2014 | Nenad Latinović | No License

Heya geekos, geekos-to-be, and all other interested parties. This time it’s going to be a short one. We, the geekos kindly invite you to hang out with us!

Yes, hang out. You know a good song you’d like to share with someone to help them kickoff a good and productive day? Do share! Seriously, our forums are well regarded in the FOSS community for being a great source of technical aid by kind and patient people. You’ve probably also stumbled onto the official #opensuse IRC channel, and met a few individuals who were eager to help. But, openSUSE’s web infrastructure has a lot more to offer. There’s our own social network called Connect, for instance. There, you can create your geeko profile and spread your social network with like-minded individuals from all over the world. Then there’s #opensuse-chat on (powered by freenode). And last but not least, the most powerful of them - the openSUSE forums! The help section of the forum is really really active. You see new threads pop up in a matter of minutes. But, what people usually miss out is the** ‘Community & Fun’** subforum, where many of us are hanging out, exchanging music videos, book & film recommendations, travelogues from all over the world where our members have been, and for those with only technical inclinations - there have been three systemd discussions in the past month or so :D . Three. (You can also chat in Russian, Dutch, French, Greek, Chinese and German in the localized subforums!)

Yes, we understand many of you feel like ‘we don’t need to pat each other on the back’ for using openSUSE. Granted. But, we all have our reasons for using this great concoction of software. And yes, it deserves to be shown off. And we deserve to have a closely-knit community. The closer together a community is, the more efficient and strong it will become. You’re running openSUSE? Well, you’ve made your first step. You have entered the green realm. And the green realm has cookies. Or was that the dark…ah, never mind :).

Anyway, do join the green side. There’s a lot of fun to be had :D

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