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openSUSE Board Announcement

July 17th, 2014 by

Hi all,

It’s with some regret that we have to announce that Vincent Untz, our current openSUSE Board Chairman, has chosen to step down as a result of a happy personal event that will take up a lot of his spare time in the months (and years!) to come.

We as the board would like to thank Vincent for his contributions to the project and the board over many years and hope that he will continue to be part of our Project, just in a different capacity, for a long time yet.

As we know the chairman of the board is an appointed position. SUSE as the primary sponsor of our project has come to the conclusion that Richard Brown, one of our current Board members, should be the new Chairman, effective from today. Congratulations Richard!

With the change in role for Richard his elected Board seat becomes vacant. We are discussing various options to fill the seat for the remaining 5 months until the next election, please stay tuned for an announcement in the next couple of weeks.

Your openSUSE Board

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5 Responses to “openSUSE Board Announcement”

  1. Bob

    Congrats to both!

  2. dragonbite

    Congratulations on both persons’ life changes!

  3. xuan

    KDE桌面 桌面1 桌面2 桌面3……的桌面数目 在任务栏里面 系统重启之后就会显示不完整了

  4. Congratulation to both and wish You a lot of success in your new projects ;-)

  5. Aaron Luna

    Congrats Richard!