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29. Aug 2014 | Nenad Latinović | No License

Hi there, green machine users!

As you know, there has been a survey going on about your favorite news spot. It was our way of feeling your pulse a little, to see what you desire the most, where do we excel and where do we leave something to be desired for. And the results have come in today. What follows is only a summary; you can see the full results here and here.

Until today, there have been 268 responses, and let’s check Google’s fancy graphs to see how they responded to each of the questions.

So, let’s start.

Question 1As you can see, you have rated us somewhere between 3 and 4, more inclined to 3. So we’ll have to work harder to reach that five up there!

Question 2Here we can see what’s lacking the most - development update and tutorials…

Question 3…and instead of filling up your feed with everyday articles, it seems to be desired to have news posted a couple of days a week only.

Question 4The current theme that openSUSE News is sporting seems to be sufficient for a majority of users.

Question 5

And a vast majority of you feel that content comes first, regardless of the appearance.

As for the final question, which wasn’t really a question, but more of a suggestions box, we received a whole bunch of different requests/answers/suggestions there, varying from requests to make openSUSE News less geeky, alongside OMG Ubuntu and Fedora FTW, to producing news articles more regularly, to including howtos. What I promise is, that the news team is going to read through all of your responses and brainstorm the heck out of it. But, and there’s always a but, there’s always a chance of something being left out, so why not join us! Geeko could always use some brave newsladies and newsmen to spread the gospel! And doing that while having…

…a lot of fun!

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