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30. Aug 2014 | Manu Gupta | No License

Following the announcement of our logo contests, thanks to our awesome community as usual, we now have several logos. Choosing the best of them off course was a lot of work for us and so the openSUSE Asia committee has decided that the community will choose its own logo for the summit.

We are happy to announce that following our Call for Logo Design, we are opening our “Choose our Logo” Elections where “You” vote for the best. The voting period is until 8th September 2014 and the entries can be viewed here. The scoring rules are as follows :GeekoVote

  1. SNOEK allows upto 3 votes per person in order of preference.
  2. The scores for the logo in order of preference from best to worse is as follows : 4, 2, 1 respectively. The maximum score after adding all the ratings will be chosen as the Summit’s logo. Remember, it is your summit, so every input is appreciated.

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