Asia Summit Highlights Growing Open Source Community in Asia

16. Oct 2014 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

opensuseasiasummitThis weekend is the start of openSUSE’s first Asia Summit in Beijing.

The summit, which is a follow on to an open source summit SUSE sponsored in May, is expected to increase awareness in Asia about openSUSE and other Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Students, professors and computer technologists attending the summit will listen to several keynote speakers like Dr. Qiu Shanqin, Chairman of China Open Source Software Promotion Union, and Ralf Flaxa, Vice President of SUSE. Richard Brown, President of the openSUSE board, will also provide a keynote speech to attendees.

Noteable workshops scheduled for the conference on Day 1 are SUSE’s project manager Anja Stock’s about Bugzilla, FOSS community member Eleanor Chen, about Hands-on into Open Source Community, and Saurabh Sood, an engineer working with Unisys Corporation, about Programming with the Qt Framework.

Day 2 workshops include GNOME Foundation member Tong Hui’s discussion on Open Source Community Governance in China, Raghu Nayyar, an open-source Interaction Designer and Front-end Developer from India.givng a workshop on Build your First ownCloud App, and Meaglith Ma, founder of the Chinese community of Docker, providing a workshop about open platforms for distributing applications for developers and system administrators.

The summit gives attendees an opportunity to learn about related technologies and can help to unlock the large potiential of open source contributors and developers within Asia.

Interviews and recordings of openSUSE Asia Summit will be posted on SUSE’s YouTube, Youku and GooglePlus page.

HP, SUSE, Firefox, CODE, CSDN, BLUG, GNOME Summit, OwnCloud, BeiHang University and Beijing University all sponsored the event; openSUSE appreciates the companys’ contributions and willingness to make the first summit a success.

Members of the media are welcome to attend the summit and should email

Enjoy the Summit!

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