Hack Week Event Inspires Innovation, Creativity, Fun

21. Oct 2014 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

hack weekHi everyone, I’m Doug! This is the beginning of my third week at openSUSE contributing to marketing and communications. It is great to be of the community. Everything here is new, and during my first week, I kept hearing people here talk about Hack Week.

Several thoughts of what Hack Week could be crossed my mind.

Having worked in government for several years, I associated hacking with bad people and bad intentions, which is why I thought I should visit the website and see what the hype was all about.

The ideas running through my head were way off.

I quickly learned Hack Week is about creating projects, being innovative and providing solutions for users, developers and industry. In other words, its an event openSUSE endorses to inspire people’s creativity and let them do something fun.

One of the projects I saw on the website called “Using zypper to “upgrade” CentOS/RHEL to openSUSE/SLES” summed up the idea about Hack Week. This project is designed to take our package management tools and convert other Linux distributions to an openSUSE system.

Another project, lead by Vice President of Engineering for SUSE, Ralf Flaxa, that captured hackers’ attention was the SUSE Music(ian) Space project, which is about sharing knowledge on how to get music equipment to with with openSUSE.

The project I joined for Hack Week is the redesign of the openSUSE landing page. After the first day, the group has agreed on a page design and we are at the phase of creating prototype, which we plan to propose to the community for comments and feedback.

Hack Week is a great event and I’m excited to participate. Without hacking, innovation would stagnant, creativity would diminish. Happy Hacking!

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