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Help promote openSUSE 13.2!

November 10th, 2014 by

To help promote 13.2, we have assembled some badges, backgrounds, counters and banners for you to put on your social media or blog pages.

For your blog and social media accounts

If you want to decorate your blog or website with a nice 13.2 banner, grab one of these two:

468x60 468×60
 728x90 728×90

Google_Cover GooglePageCover


Twitter, facebook, G+…

Many people have designed images for twitter, facebook and Google Plus! Download the image of your choice and go through the following steps:

  1. Login in your account of Twitter
  2. Select Settings in the top panel
  3. In Design tab, select Change background image
  4. Select the image
  5. Click on Save changes

Going to print CD’s?

wnereiz rocked this cd cover and sleeve. Get the original in this github folder. Lookin’ great!!

Help spreading the fun!

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7 Responses to “Help promote openSUSE 13.2!”

  1. Henro

    Logos are too small for facebook cover photo. :(

  2. terry

    but first I would love to see a fixed DVD – wrong keyboard layout after installation and questioning myself why my password is wrong is just one example

  3. Graham P Davis

    In Firefox 33.0.2, after “If you want to decorate your blog or website with a nice 13.2 banner, grab one of these two:”, the two banners are nowhere to be seen. Looks OK in Konqueror and in Claws. The following three images are OK.

    W3C validator shows 35 errors but I don’t know whether that’s anything to do with it.

  4. J.O.

    I read the release notes, and they put me off install 13.2 anytime soon (Gnome Live, noveau, btrfs-seriously?).
    Also I dont like the new green color. It evokes a feeling like as if the original green was displayed on badly calibrated LCD. But this is just a matter of personal opinion.
    Not knowing what the usual procedure is, I suggest to update/fix the problems on the released .iso images. That would benefit everyone.

  5. I missing html code on this banner? have you that

  6. Cyrus

    Opensuse 13.2 is not awesome.I had problem with anything.The system crashed 3 times within 3 weeks.The desktop hangs up every 10 minutes.The password didn’t work always and so on
    I emigrated to 13.1
    Intel core R (TM) i5 cpu