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14. Jan 2015 | Douglas DeMaio | No License


Hello Westvliet, goodbye BINK36, in with the new, out with the old. For the second time, Dutch legislation is impacting oSC15; we are obviously very important!

What Happened?

The initial impact was felt way back when we were investigating the dates for oSC15. At the time a holiday was moved to match with the King’s birthday and thus took one of our options for dates for oSC15 out of the equation.

Now a new legislation that effects the housing authority is effecting our location. BINK36 is currently owned and managed by a housing authority, but as we can all see from the pictures BINK36 certainly has nothing to do with housing. The legislation passed forces the housing authority to focus on, well, housing and thus BINK36 is up for sale.

The good news for the housing authority is that they already have a potential buyer. The bad news for us is that neither the housing authority (present owner,) nor the potential new owner are willing to enter into a contract for the venue at this point.

New Location

With an undetermined timeline for the sales process, we were left with little choice but to find a new location for oSC15.

Our great local team, Hans and Robin have lined up Westvliet, located at Westvlietweg 55, 2491 ED Den Haag. If you visit the website, you’ll find that this is primarily a fitness club. Yes, something new for us, we’ve met in a School, University, Museum, and industrial building, lets see how well Geeko gets along with treadmills, squash and badminton courts. The venue has experience with events and we’ll have plenty of space for our sessions, room to hang out chat and hack.

As you may know, or dare I say should know, Kolab Systems will hold their first user conference along side oSC15 and thus our friends at Kolab will make the move to Westvliet as well.

The new venue is a little bit father out then BINK36 but the excellent public transport system in The Hague will get you there, should you already have reservations closer to the BINK36. Robin and Hans are currently working to line up options to stay close to the new venue and an announcement is on the horizon.

The venue change does not effect anything else, CfP is open and proposals will be accepted until February 14, 2015. We also have a great keynote speaker for Saturday’s keynote confirmed, keep your eye out for an announcement shortly.

Please visit the conference website to register, submit session proposals and keep up to date with oSC15 as we pull the event together.

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