And the keynote speaker for OSC 15 is...

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Who is it?

Aaron Seigo. The open-source guru confirmed Tuesday that he will provide the keynote speech at oSC15 in The Hague, Netherlands, which happens from May 1 – 4.

“We are honored and excited to have such an open-source hero like Aaron kicking off our conference,” said Hans de Raad, co-organizer of oSC15. “openSUSE has always been about crossing borders between communities. Aaron’s long-time involvement in KDE, Kolab and numerous other projects perfectly align with that vision.”

Aaron has written several articles about dynamics of open-source communities and has been an active participant in many. He is well known in tech media as a conceptual thinker and seasoned developer. He is also a predominate advocate of Linux and,  according to, is one of the most influential people in IT.


Attendance of the event is steadily growing and oSC15 is still looking for speakers on a wide range of topics. We already have proposals submitted, but need more.

Submit your proposals at

Location Change

The location of the event has changed from BINK36 to Westvliet 55, which is just 10 minutes from the old location. If you already reserved your hotel, don’t worry. There is public transportation that can take you to the new location.


Companies interested in sponsoring oSC15 can contact

Kolab Summit

Another nice thing is that at openSUSE Conference you can visit the Kolab Summit nearby, which will be taking place during the same weekend at the same venue. Their company motto is “Collaboration in confidence” and as Geeko community we look forward to have a great time together.

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