Tumbleweed Highlights 'KDE Applications 14.12 snapshot'

22. Jan 2015 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

The latest snapshot release of Tumbleweed has several updates. We dub this as the ‘KDE Applications 14.12 snapshot’ for Tumbleweed since many are related to 14.12.

Here are a few other updates:

Bison version updated to 3.0.2. This is a major update with deep overhaul improvements of the diagnostics.

IceWM added a fix for shutdown and reboot commands that didn’t work and changed the shutdown and reboot command in preference.

AppStream-Glib, which makes it easy to read and write AppStream metadata, updated to version 0.3.2 adds more non-applications to the blacklist and added Blacklist KDE3 KCM components.

Britty updated to 5.2 and removes obsolete patches and adds a dependency to python3 for building.

Read more details about the latest update at bit.ly/1wpLlLo

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