Polls close for the openSUSE Board elections

27. Jan 2015 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

drawingThe votes have been cast and the results are in for the openSUSE elections.

There were three seats to be fill this election for a standard two-year (24-month) term :

  • Robert Schweikert and Kosta Koudaras’ terms were coming to expiration.
  • Peter Linnell’s seat was up for election as he was appointed to the board as a replacement for Richard Brown when he became chairman.

There were 148 people voting.

The following candidates were elected to the openSUSE Board for a two-year, 24-month term:

  • Robert Schweikert
  • Michal Hrusecky
  • Kostas Koudaras

Election results, which were finalised last night, are:

  • Robert Schweikert, 101 votes (68%)
  • Michal Hrusecky, 96 votes (65%)
  • Kostas Koudaras, 81 votes (55%)
  • Peter Linnell, 63 votes (43%)
  • Craig Gardner, 60 votes (41%)

Thank you to all the candidates who stepped up to run for election and the all members who cast their votes!

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