Kernel 3.19 in Tumbleweed, snapshot with systemd coming

5. Mar 2015 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

TumbleweedDistrowatch will be changing its color scheme for remarks on Tumbleweed from red to green. Snapshots for Tumbleweed have included Kernel 3.19 as it was the first distro to update to Kernel 3.19 and the next snapshot will provide an update for systemd.

Systemd 219 has some fixes in the works and is currently blocking the release of the new Tumbleweed snapshot. Additional contributions would help speed up the release and be highly appreciated.

While GCC 5 won’t be in the next few snapshots, progress is being made; the difficult fixes to GCC5 are the ones that remain.

As for the previous snapshot released earlier this week, Mozilla Firefox was updated to version 36. There is a significant amount of additions to 36 and support for full HTTP/2 is enabling a faster, more scalable and responsive web. Mozilla also updated Thunderbird to 31.5.0 and MFSA 2015-24/CVE-2015-0822 provides reading of local files through manipulation of form autocomplete for both Firefox and Thunderbird.

For the most recent snapshot, visit the mailing list.

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