TSP - oSC15 Second Call

27. Mar 2015 | Izabel Valverde | No License

oSC15The conference date is right around the corner. Part of schedule is out and the organization is running to have everything settled to host visitors and organize the best openSUSE conference ever.

You can still register to be part of the conference also apply for presentation.

But did you miss the first call of TSP? Are you still in dilemma? Go to the conference or not? Do you contribute to openSUSE and want to join the awesome community but money is an issue for you? Don’t worry because TSP is here to help you.


If you missed the first call, we will open the TSP tool to apply for sponshorship from today, March 27th until April 2nd. The results will be announced on April 6th and you have to accept the sponsorship until April 9th.

Send us a request using the TSP tool. Don’t hesitate to apply! the team will decide and help as many lizards as possible. So hurry up!


  • The organization is providing a sleepover at the venue. It’ll cost 50Euros for all days.

  • We want to sponsor as many people as possible, so please check the best deal for the transportation.

  • Keep the deadlines and follow the rules. We don’t want you to miss the deadlines because we might not be able to help you.

  • If you are volunteer or speaker, please add this info into your application. It will be helpfull for the TSP to decide.

  • Do not forget to include the brief description and description. It helps on TSP decision. Also if you include your contribution for the past 12 months it’d be helpful. This is the first thing we check.

  • Fullfil all of your personal info.

  • You need to Register

We hope to see you there!!!

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