Firefox 37, Appstream metadata arrive in Tumbleweed

9. Apr 2015 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Firefox 37 is in the latest Tumbleweed, but there are plenty of other updates that make this snapshot unique. One update that is eye catching in this snapshot is that in Firefox 37 Yandex is set as default search provider for the Turkish locale. Hmm… This seems to cement Yandex as the leading search engine in Turkey and positioning it above Google.

What is really cool about this snapshot is Appstream metadata // being published in Tumbleweed repos. On the client side, GNOME Software uses that information to display software in a more user friendly way and the availability of this metadata is likely to influence other developments and projects. Everyone is encouraged to fix packages that provide no or incomplete appstream metadata since this is a major improvement. Stats about the current data can be found at //

For those who are new to Tumbleweed, we recommend you subscribe to the Factory mailing list because we want to keep you aware of Tumbleweed developments. While you can get information on, the mailing list will allow you to be informed about the technical details involved with Tumbleweed an fixes they are available for bugs. Currently Tumbleweed suffers from a btrfs bug that leads to a deadlock when booting after a crash. This topic was described on the mailing list yesterday.

To read what in the latest snapshot, visit //

Cya at Hackweek next week!

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