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Next Week is Hack Week!

April 10th, 2015 by

Hack Week, a week where openSUSE/SUSE hackers experiment without limits! It’s the opportunity to innovate, collaborate across teams, and learn. The only rule is: Do what you want, but do it!

Hack Week 12

Many openSUSE/SUSE hackers use this opportunity to work on an activity of their passion and judging from the submitted ideas on hackweek.suse.com there is plenty of passion in the community!

Be it porting openSUSE to new and exciting hardware (Firefly-RK3288 or Intel Quark X1000) and architectures (MIPS). Improving our tools like OpenQA, YaST or OSEM. Making the life of openSUSE users more secure with better disk encryption, SSL pinning or a GNOME password manager. Nerding off with improving disassembly in gdb, porting a fake signal optimization to kGraft or diving into functional programming together. Or how about some more earthly passions like improving yourself or simply jamming together to improve Free Software?

We are sure that in the end, the 12th incarnation of this event, will give birth to one of the next big openSUSE/SUSE innovations. Like so many Hack Weeks before have! Just think about zypp and zypper, the openSUSE ARM port or YaST in Ruby.

So when next week is Hack Week, support the openSUSE/SUSE hackers where you can when they explore strange new languages, seek out new tools and new communities, when they boldly go where no hacker has gone before!

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One Response to “Next Week is Hack Week!”

  1. k

    I am using SUSE since 1999.
    Once it was the best Linux distribution.
    Then get many changes and many of them lead to worse.
    After all changes since then it get like a shadow of the past best Linux.
    Ubunto and alike had come and stolen the interest of the users.

    Please research on this conference how to take back the leadership and be the best Linux distro instead to dye slovly.
    I am crossing fingers for rising up an long healty life of openSUSE!