May Madness - The Screenshot Contest Continues!

7. May 2015 | Nenad Latinović | No License

A warm and green hello to all of the geekosphere!

Last month’s screenshot contest was a complete success! Our geeko friends submitted twice the usual amount of screenshots, sporting variying setups, environments and workflows. No two were alike! It was very refreshing to see how GNU/Linux desktops can be modified to suit everyone’s taste.After a week of polling, the results were as following:

Congratulations to our brother-in-green from Brazil, espigaum!

But we’re not stopping there! We’re continuing what is to become a nice tradition, I hope, with the May Madness screenshot contest. You’re welcome to post away to the offical forum thread of the contest. While you’re there, you’re welcome to brew a cup of your favorite beverage for yourself, and join the community hangout. It’s promised to be a treat ;)

Remember, there are two reward packs you can choose from, shoud you be voted to be the winner of the contest:

ScreenshotReward2 ScreenshotReward1

The stickers will magically appear in your home mailbox one day, making their way to your machine, so you can boast the geekoness all over the world!

Do join us, so we’re all guaranteed to …

…have a lot of fun!

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