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Work begins on totally new openSUSE release

June 26th, 2015 by

42Roadmap questions answered42

Deep thought and some additional core SUSE Linux Enterprise source code have given The openSUSE Project a path forward for future releases.

The change is so phenomenal that the project is building a whole new release.

Some people might be perplexed over the next regular release, but rather than bikeshedding the name over the next few months, for the moment, we will call it openSUSE: 42 after its project name in the Open Build Service. And we are going to explain the roadmap for this regular release.

openSUSE 42 is scheduled to be released around SUSECon, which is in Amsterdam this year from Nov. 2 – 6.

Unlike old releases, future releases of “42” are expected to align with the releases of SLE service packs and major releases.

There are about 2,000 packages in openSUSE 42 right now, said Stephan “Coolo” Kulow, release manager. Of course, many more are expected.

openSUSE 42 will be a  long-term type release with enduring updates and maintenance commitments by the community and SUSE.

Kulow said a milestone will be released soon.

“We have to come up with solutions as problems arise,” Kulow said.

There is currently no plans for live CDs, but he said expect other media formats to be added later.

Default compiler for Tumbleweed updating to GCC 5

June 16th, 2015 by

Developers waiting for a new compiler in Tumbleweed need to wait no more. A3_13-825x354

The newest GNU Compiler Collection was checked in today to openSUSE Factory, which is the rolling development code base for Tumbleweed, as the default compiler, so all packages will be rebuilt against GCC 5 and the next Tumbleweed snapshot will include GCC 5.1.1

The snapshot is expected later in the week, making it one of the first rolling releases to have the compiler as a default within Linux, according to DistroWatch’s package tracker.

“GCC 5 made great progress the last week,” said Dominique Leuenberger, the Factory master. “We will rebuild more than 8,000 source packages with GCC 5.”

The expected build time has a rough estimate of about 48-hour in Open Build Services and about a 10-hour test time in openQA.

All packages that are shipped on the DVD have been resolved and have been built without issues, Leuenberger said. Not all of them have been run-time tested.

“Thank you to those who have invested their time and efforts to reach this achievement and want to thank the people who will continue to contribute to the follow-on efforts regarding coming none-ring packages, which will still need some work,” Leuenberger said.

Planned downtime 2015-06-09: Mailing Lists

June 5th, 2015 by

Update: The migration of the openSUSE Mailing Lists has been finished successfully. If you encounter any issues, please let us know by mail to admin@opensuse.org.

On Tuesday 2015-06-09, from 09:00 to 11:00 UTC, the machine that hosts the
openSUSE Mailing Lists will be offline. During that
time, sending or receiving mails to the  openSUSE mailing lists, or viewing
their archives will not be possible.  All the mails that will be sent during
the downtime will be  delayed.
The  reason is that the old machine is on an old distribution, and running  out
of resources. We will migrate the service to a new virtual machine,  that will
integrate it to a new configuration management infrastructure.

We’ll send a followup announcement with the final status as soon as we finish
the migration.

On behalf of the openSUSE Administration team