Tumbleweed, what’s happening with Leap

16. Jul 2015 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

TumbleweedSince our last update on news.opensuse.org about Tumbleweed, a lot has happened. The rolling release now uses GCC 5 for the compiler. There was a large chunk of bugfixes and powerpc backports. The list for the July 2 snapshot was lengthy and quite a few packages were removed from that snapshot. Apparmor and many libraries a had extensive work done, but the real story about that snapshot is how GCC 5 was tested extensively in openQA and before being released as a Tumbleweed snapshot.

“Better tested/failed in openQA than tested/failed on your own machine, right?” wrote Dominique Leuenberger, the Factory master.

This proves the environmental care and trust people have with using Tumbleweed.

The next big thing coming in Tumbleweed will be Perl updates.

The July 11 snapshot focused primarily on KDE Plasma updating to 5.3.2 and providing bugfixes.

The last Tumbleweed snapshot on July 13 had minimal updates, but there is a reason. Why? Leap!

Leap’s milestone is being tested in openQA and receiving attention. People involved within Factory may want to check and submit the packages, for example xfce.

Polishing patterns will advance the release of the Leap milestone and some incomplete packages need attention.

The snapshot released 15 minutes ago just updated the Linux Kernel from 4.0.5 to 4.1.1.

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