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Second milestone expected soon

August 11th, 2015 by

Leap roadmap details released

Leap1The second milestone for openSUSE’s newest distribution Leap is scheduled for release Sept. 4.

The release of the milestone will start to align Leap 42.1 with SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack (SP) 1, which recently had a similar roadmap release. The source code from SP 1 will be included in the newest milestone because Leap and SLE share a common core. Future releases of Leap will align with future SUSE service packs.

“Milestone 2 is really the release everyone should test,” said release manager Stephan “Coolo” Kulow.

Leap’s Beta release will follow Milestone 2 on Sept. 24, which will freeze the version and only major, critical and blocker bugfixes will be allowed.

“If someone is missing a package or a version update, now is a good time to see what needs to be done,” Kulow said. “After mid-September, Leap is basically frozen.”

An important date people should be aware of is Sept. 20 because that is the freeze point for items to be included in the Beta and Leap.

Developers wanting to include their packages in Leap should ensure their Factory packages are releasable by Sept. 20.

“We have to sync with Factory changes and SLE 12 SP 1 changes,” Kulow said about the roadmap for Leap. “We will not be able to align with SP1 completely. We will have to release maintenance updates.”

Most of the things SUSE does for polishing its SPs will need to be released as an online update because SLE SP1 has a different schedule than Leap, he said.

“People can start producing maintenance updates for Leap” in the form of patches beginning Oct. 1, said Richard Brown, chairman for openSUSE.

Artwork for Leap like Grub, Plymouth and other items should also be submitted through github Sept. 20. Those who want to contribute to this effort should clone the Leap-42.1 branch in openSUSE branding and submit a pull request to @sysrich. A branch was also started for Tumbleweed, which provides openSUSE a significant opportunity to advance the visual appearance of both distributions.. Anyone wanting to clean up items in these branch is welcome, but please note that the items are also in the script.

Oct. 1 is the cut off date for allowing packages to change because of licenses and legal reviews.

The RC1 release will be Oct. 15 and the Goldmaster is scheduled for Oct. 30, so translations, release notes and localization of the release should be completed by Oct. 30.

Leap is scheduled to be released at 14:00 UTC during SUSECon in Amsterdam on Nov. 4.

Media should email ddemaio@suse.com for more information.

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11 Responses to “Second milestone expected soon”

  1. Hey! great news!!
    I have made a pull request for countdown.o.o
    And trying to make something for plymouth…

    ‘ve phun!! ;)

  2. I assume the official roadmap (https://en.opensuse.org/Roadmap) will be updated soon? At the moment, it is as follows:

    Upcoming Release Milestones

    2015-?: 13.? Milestone 0
    2015-?: 13.? Beta
    2015-?: 13.? RC1
    2015-?: 13.? Gold Master
    2015-?: 13.? Release / General Availability

  3. Daniel

    Mesa 11.0 will be included, or Leap will miss openGL 4+ support?

  4. Is there any chance of a newer version of OpenSSH than 6.6?

  5. Douglas DeMaio

    If it’s in Tumbleweed, it has a good chance of getting into Leap. If it is not in Tumbleweed by Sept. 20, the answer is pretty much no. That’s the freeze point and developers have until then to get their contributions in to Leap.

  6. Scott Couston

    How about some screenshots for us all of Leap 42

    The isue with tumbleweed is that there is a stark lack of community repos. Especially Video support for Nvidia and ATI.
    Yes I read the warnings on this.
    Apart from QT4 I cant really see something dramatic with tumbleweed and we all expect something unreal from 42.
    I can only hope that version control and release is governed by technical excellence and advancement rather than the calendar and trust we will see Service Packs released to support Version 42.
    Calendar releases only waist time in retooling and re-masteringing without great technical advancement.
    We need to integrate Yast into ‘system settings’ and make ONE only source of control for the package as a whole. Its so difficult to try to explain to a New user why on earth the two are separate let alone the logic?, moreover the historical reasons why the two are separate.

    Explaining why online update is there to resolve what apper often cant is a hard sell.

    Auto inclusion of non debug repositories should be part of install as well as asking the user or automatically configuring Video support for Nvida and ATI.

    If the user selects the added ‘games’ package at install then auto include its repo and so on.
    Packman should be a mandatory inclusion. Some new users never find community repos and we cant show our unreal alternative without winning new users.

    Providing our better O/S in understanding to New Users rather than just relying on us converts needs a major effort in change of design.
    To be able to have multiple desktops in KDE is a technical winner in my book and something only we can do with ease where others fail. It saves so so much time and is far easier than minimising and maximising the one single screen.

    Better theme support is a must and I would question auto login with password as a default as it breeds poor security especially for those who have the default user as having root privileges. Its a security nightmare.

  7. Scott Couston

    Could we please have transparency with our file managers and CD/DVD support – were still in the dark ages with this.

  8. Also setup “working” mirrors fot leap, or else updates wil be a disaster…

    Also Plasma5 with dektop widgets is still a problem. And other glitches…

    Also support for third-party packages like Google(Chrome) Mozzila (FF,TB) etc.


  9. John Bonham

    So, is KDE the focus? We Gnome lovers should just continue with Fedora, eh?

  10. any tool (via yast or during installation) will be available for EXT4 encryption ?